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Dr Zara Quigg

Dr Zara Quigg

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Zara Quigg is a Reader in Behavioural Epidemiology at the Public Health Institute (PHI). She leads PHI's World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborating Centre for Violence Prevention, managing a team of researchers who work at a local, national and international level to promote a public health approach to violence prevention. Through this work, she works closely with WHO and the UK focal point for violence and injury prevention to bring together the evidence on the extent, consequences and risk and protective factors for all forms of interpersonal violence, and prevention and response strategies (see

Zara also conducts original research on violence (youth violence, adverse childhood experiences [ACEs], sexual violence, intimate partner violence, suicide), nightlife health and alcohol across the UK and Europe. She works with partner agencies to inform the development and evaluation of interventions (e.g. Drink Less Enjoy More; Routine ACE enquiry) and services/multi-agency processes (e.g. the Specialist Domestic Violence Court Programme; local authority level schools approaches to promotion children's emotional and mental health). Having developed the North West Trauma and Injury Intelligence Group (TIIG) injury surveillance system (www.tiig,info), a key part of her role has involved working with local and national partners to promote the use of local health data in violence and injury prevention activity (e.g. use of A&E data in licensing reviews).

Co-module leader BSc health risk behaviours
Co-module leader MSc violence


2015, Liverpool John Moores University, United Kingdom, PhD
2008, University of Manchester, United Kingdom, MSc
2003, Liverpool John Moores University, United Kingdom, BSc