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Future focus

Future focus

Discover your talents, passion and purpose with Future Focus

The Future Focus e-learning resource and workshop have been designed to help you to develop personal insight into your talents, passion and purpose. These resources will enable you to explore your employability skills & mindset – including proactivity, adaptability and resilience, and expand your awareness of the career possibilities open to you.

LJMU students are on a journey to a great future, and the Future Focus resources are embedded into the Level 4 curriculum to help students make a positive start on this journey. If you are a Level 4 student, this includes completion of an interactive e-learning task focusing on self-discovery, career navigation skills and exploring the support available from the LJMU community. Following completion of this, you are invited to take part in a workshop where you can reflect on the learning from the e-learning task, start to identify areas of personal and professional development and gain an insight into how you can plan to achieve their development goals. The Future Focus activities are embedded in one of your Level 4 modules and you will be given details of this as part of the module information.

By completing these activities in Level 4, you will be encouraged take steps to engage with opportunities offered by the LJMU community to support your personal and professional development. These activities are delivered by the Student Advancement Team – LJMU’s Careers, Employability & Enterprise service, in collaboration with your programme team. For further information, please contact