St. Luke’s View

4-14 Oldham Street, Liverpool, L1 2SU

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Price (per week)

Standard en-suite SLV: £160




St Luke’s View is close to the buildings of Mount Pleasant campus, in a very student friendly central location.

It appeals to students seeking lively accommodation with large social areas.

Room types

There are over 750 en-suite bedrooms in total. All flats have a shared kitchen, dining area and lounge, including chairs and sofas.

Each cluster flat contains five to ten bedrooms. All bedrooms have a study desk, wardrobes and extra storage.

There is one room type at St Luke's View:

  • Standard en-suite room with small double beds


The site features two separate large social spaces and an internal, residents only courtyard.


St Luke’s View is very popular with younger students who are seeking larger flat sizes up to eight bedrooms per flat.



Additional information

Contract length: 42 weeks
Price starting from: £160
Initial payment type: None
Initial payment: £0
Early payment discount: No

- Flats offered to new LJMU students will have five, six, seven or eight bedrooms and a roughly equal number of each flat size is available
- Shared kitchen/living area in each flat
- All bedrooms have small double beds
- Free WiFi connection in every bedroom
- Rent includes all heating and lighting costs
- Rent includes basic contents insurance
- Launderette on site
- Shops very close
- No parking available

WiFi and wired connection in bedrooms
Typical inclusive bandwidth: 50 Mb/sec
Option to upgrade bandwidth?: Yes
Bandwidth and annual cost for upgrade: 70 Mb: £99
External WiFi routers allowed: No
Name of provider: Glide