What our students say

“I have been lucky enough to meet some incredible people, some virtually, from all over the globe. You quickly learn that these people all share a goal that you are striving for within the business and being able to work with this diverse set of people builds up communication skills I can’t even imagine having 12 months ago.”

– Aaron McAllister BASF

“Placements are not just about gaining practical experience as they also offer the chance to develop and perfect your professional skills and build your network. At KUKA, I took part in a wide range of training sessions, workshops, and other professional development opportunities that allowed me to grow my skills and stay up to date with the latest industry trends.”

– Billy Taylor

“My confidence has improved greatly, I always thought I was a confident person, however looking back on it I wasn’t as confident as I thought I was. Bentley gave me responsibilities that I had never had before, I had to facilitate meetings, talk in front of over 50 people and present to the purchase director. These activities have given me a new lease of confidence as even in my previous job before university I never had to do anything on that scale.”

– Dominick Russell Bentley

“My time networking at The Walt Disney Company showed me how beneficial a placement year can be, as many current full-time employees were previously interns! I believe a huge perk of a year in industry is how good it looks on your CV, to show you took the time to gain real world experience, and will put you above those who opted not to do an internship.”

– Harriet Collins, Disney

“When I was applying for placements, I remember trying to sell myself in interviews; I felt as though I was trying to convince myself of my potential as well as the employers, which was even harder over a Microsoft Teams call than in person. I know if I went for an interview now, or even in my everyday life, I am a different person than the girl applying for those placements. I returned to my final year of university a self-assured, confident woman, ready to commit myself to the last stretch of my education.”

– Nicola Taylor, John West Foods