Self-study resources

We have lots of self-study resources and guides that can help you to do well in your academic assessments. These include videos, presentations, handy guides and self-assessments on a wide range of academic skills.

To see all of these and get going with your studies, explore the different resource areas below.

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Academic Skills

Academic skills include things like assignment planning, reading journal articles, using critical thinking and a formal writing style, and creating and delivering presentations.

You can find lots of resources to help develop these academic skills in your Academic Achievement course on Canvas. This is designed to guide you through the process of doing university assessments, and includes a range of videos, presentations and guides, as well as discussions and live chats.

To see these resources, go to your Canvas dashboard and look for your Academic Achievement course. Or click on the link below that relates to your faculty and get straight in.

Maths and Statistics

Many of you will use maths and statistics in your university studies and will need to do some self study in these areas. So we've created a Canvas course with lots of resources to help you develop knowledge and skills in using maths and statistics in your assessments.

This includes guidance on using statistical software like Excel, SPSS, NVivo and R, as well as advice on overcoming maths anxiety and refining your knowledge of key maths areas.

To see all of these resources and get going with self study, enrol on the Academic Achievement Maths and Stats course.

You can also use our maths revision resource tool to test and practise your maths. Click here to have a go.

Referral and Deferral

If you didn't pass or submit all of your assignments this academic year, you will have referral or deferral work to complete before moving to the next level of study.

We have put together some short resources to give you information about referral and deferral assignments, as well as some strategies for managing and completing them.

To have a look at these resources and to get going with your assignment, go to our referral and deferral assignment guide.

Language Learning

Learning and developing your use of language is an excellent way to build communication skills and cultural awareness. It can also contribute to doing well in assessments and create opportunities to study and work abroad.

Whether you want to learn a new language, or improve your use of English, you can use your LJMU account to get free access to the Rosetta Stone language learning programme.

To get started with Rosetta Stone, enrol here and choose from 24 different language programmes.