Low Carbon Eco-Innovatory (2015-2023)

Creating a low carbon economy in the Liverpool City Region

Low Carbon Eco-Innovatory creates innovative low carbon goods, processes and services, developed through collaborative partnerships between local companies in the Liverpool City Region and University researchers, students and academic staff.

We will work with your organisation to identify opportunities for low carbon development which will ultimately bring about economic and environmental benefits to both your business and the wider community.

By providing direct access to the facilities at Liverpool John Moores University, University of Liverpool and Lancaster University, your business can take advantage of the cutting-edge exploitable assets and expertise available at the institutions, giving your company a significant edge on the competition. Find out about the benefits of working with us and whether your company is eligible for the Project.

Low Carbon Eco-Innovatory is a unique partnership between Liverpool John Moores University, University of Liverpool and Lancaster University and part-funded through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

How does the Low Carbon Eco-Innovatory work?

Step 1: Roadmapping

Experts at the Low Carbon Eco-Innovatory (LCEI) will develop the right low carbon strategy for each individual company by mapping its current practices and future exploitation activities. The nature of the project, including timescales, will dictate if the business will be allocated a research collaborator or student project.

Step 2: Activities

A bespoke action plan will be developed between the business and the LCEI team. The aim is to use all available resources and technologies to develop an action plan which will assist to increase long term profitability and set the company on the right track to a low carbon future.

Step 3: Implementation

The action plan will be implemented with the help of the LCEI researchers, students or academic staff. They will assist with every step of the agreed action plan, implementing new technologies, new processes or wider research, as well as applying for specialist funding/investment where necessary.

Step 4: Monitoring

The results of any greenhouse gas reduction and business improvement made by the LCEI team will be monitored to determine success.

Find out more

If you are interested in exploring how Low Carbon Eco-Innovatory can benefit your business and your company is eligible for support please get in touch.

To understand the diversity of what we can do and how other businesses have benefited as a result of our support take a look at our case studies.