People and Expertise

The Centre undertakes historical research on port cities and examines their relationship to maritime ventures and enterprise. More specifically, the Liverpool John Moores University members of the Centre conduct research into:

  • Marketing and advertising in the British merchant marine
  • Liverpool shipping and decolonisation in the twentieth century
  • Liverpool and the British Empire in the eighteenth century
  • Art and the maritime environment
  • Oral history and life story narratives in maritime occupations
  • Maritime education and rejuvenation in Liverpool
  • Maritime security

Members of the Centre for Port and Maritime History were included in Liverpool John Moores University’s REF 2021 submissions for Unit of Assessments in History, English and Art and Design, in which over 70% of publications were rated internationally excellent or world leading.

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Faq Items

Dr Edmund Chilaka, Visiting Research Fellow

Dr David Clampin

Professor Gillian O'Brien

Dr Emily Cuming

Dr Simon Hill, Visiting Research Fellow

Dr Clare Horrocks

Dr Holger Mohaupt

Hanna Nsugbe, LJMU PGR and CPMH Intern

Dr Jess Simonds

Dr Emma Roberts

Dr Jo Stanley, Visiting Senior Research Fellow

Dr Wayne Turnbull

Professor Nick White