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Marketing, Consumption, Social Engagement and Entrepreneurship

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The recently formed Group conducts research into social engagement, leadership and decision-making behaviour in organisations and communities.

More specifically, the Group undertakes research into:   

  • Marketing, with particular emphasis on technology and digital business
  • Consumerism and consumption in a modern society
  • Social engagement and sustainability
  • Regional, national and international entrepreneurship
  • Urban and civic leadership
  • Business decision making in small and medium-sized enterprises

Currently, the Group is working on a number of projects that have a strong regional focus. The Elusive Edge is one such project. The Elusive Edge examines cultural leadership in Liverpool-based communities.

The Group is also contributing to research that supports start-up companies within Liverpool and is examining how organisations are accommodating for the digital consumer.

Although the Group works on projects that have a strong regional focus, members from the Consumption, Social Engagement, Marketing and Entrepreneurship Research Group undertake national and international projects too. For example, alongside the University of Tabuk, members from the Group are investigating the online search behaviour of Saudi Arabian consumers.

Similarly, the Group is collaborating with De Montfort University, examining how UK Mumsnet members’ online identities develop. Members from the Group are also studying organisations’ comparative sustainability practices in Brazil and the UK.

Even though the Group only formed in 2015, it has already carried out ground-breaking work. For instance, the Group identified and mapped spiritual sites in Ireland, analysing the community management associated with those locations. The Group now holds an advisory role with Irish heritage and Irish spiritual organisations on the location and consumption practices linked to such sites.        

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