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The Centre has a diverse research community that can offer you outstanding postgraduate support and PhD provision.

Currently, the Electrical and Electronic Engineering Research Centre are recruiting students in the following areas:

Electric Machines and Drives Research Group

• Model predictive control of multiphase drive systems
• Multiphase generator/converter topologies and control for wind energy harvesting
• Selective harmonic elimination PWM and other low-switching-frequency PWM techniques for multiphase converters
• Control of multiphase matrix converters

The Microelectronics Group

• Impact of nano-meter device variation on circuits
• Resistive-switching random access memories (ReRAM)
• Device modelling
• III-Nitride-based devices
• Power devices
• 3D devices
• Aging qualification

What to expect as a PhD student

As well as having access to excellent research facilities and first-rate academics within your specialist area, PhD students studying as part of the Electrical and Electronic Engineering Research Centre can expect to present their results at internationally leading conferences and publish research papers in leading international technical journals.

You will also use industrial test samples within the Microelectronics area and work with industrial partners on externally funded projects.

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Sharifa Hatta

"I'm privileged to be working with an international team which will have a profound experience in the area of the research."

Sharifa Hatta, who received a national 'Prestigious Innovation Award in the Academia' for her PhD work