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Applied Forensic Technology

Contact: Karl Jones
Email: k.o.jones@ljmu.ac.uk
Call: 0151 231 2199

Control and Logistics Group

Contact: Dingli Yu
Email: d.yu@ljmu.ac.uk
Call: 0151 231 2033

Electric Machines and Drives Group

Contact: Martin Jones
Email: M.Jones2@ljmu.ac.uk

Contact: Obrad Dordevic
Email: O.Dordevic@ljmu.ac.uk
Call: 0151 904 6398

Industrial Design Group

Contact: Fang Bin Guo
Email: f.b.guo@ljmu.ac.uk
Call: 0151 904 1393

Microelectronics Group

Contact: Jian Fu Zhang
Email: j.f.zhang@ljmu.ac.uk
Call: 0151 231 2363

Sensors and Communications Group

Contact: Yonggiang Qiu
Email: y.qiu@ljmu.ac.uk
Call: 0151 231 8060

Contact: Princy Johnson
Email: p.johnson@ljmu.ac.uk
Call: 0151 231 2588

Contact: Prof Guangming Zhang
Email: g.zhang@ljmu.ac.uk
Call: 0151 231 2018