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The Applied Forensic Technology Research (AFTeR) Group is interested in all aspects of the application of technology within the field of forensic work. A particular focus is on audio and video forensics. The Group consists of staff from three faculties across the University covering the areas of audio & video technology, forensic science, artificial intelligence, electronics and law. The Group works at the leading edge of audio/video forensic technology, professional standards and legislation, and conducts research into:

  • Audio forensics
  • Video forensics
  • Audio/Video Forensic standards
  • Technological Advances in audio/video forensic systems
  • Audio/Video Forensics within the Criminal Justice System

Research undertaken by the Group has highlighted a considerable gap between the technological capabilities of audio & video processing, and the knowledge of these technological advancements by forensic operators and professionals across the UK Justice System. Additionally, there has been recent technological advances that are not currently being utilised within the audio/video forensic sector that could provide significant benefit for the processing of audio/video evidence.

Within a short timescale, the Group have been extremely successful in creating two MSc programmes, developing a research profile including attracting PhD students, fostering an excellent relationship with various Police Forces particularly Merseyside Police, collaborating with world leading software companies, and being advisors for TV cold-case documentaries. Additionally, publications include a Plenary session and an invited paper. All of this work formed the basis for the very successful REF 2021 Research Informed Teaching Impact study.

The Group’s work has attracted interest from leading audio/video forensic companies, resulting in LJMU being one of the few Universities in the world having partnership arrangements with suppliers of top-flight software employed by UK and US Security Services, such as Cedar™ and Amped™.


Currently, the Group has PhD students undertaking the following projects:

  • Improvements to Video Forensic Standards
  • Reconstruction of fingerprints exhibiting distortion/movement using video analysis software
  • Robustness of the Criminal Justice System with Advances in Audio/Video Technology
  • Sound Localisation Aligned with Video Zooming


In October 2022, the Group submitted a formal response to the Forensic Science Regulator’s consultation on the draft legislation for ‘Forensic Science Regulator Codes of Practice Act’ with particular focus on the audio and video elements.


The Group has a working relationship with UK Police Forces and forensic software companies:

  • Merseyside Police
  • Cheshire Police
  • West Midlands Police
  • Cedar™ software
  • AmpedFIVE™ software
  • Izotope RX™ software


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Contact: Dr Karl O. Jones