Electrical and Electronic Engineering facilities

Learn more about the Centre's facilities

The Electrical and Electronic Engineering Research Centre has a range of state-of-the-art facilities.

For example, the Centre has several probe stations, including a Cascade Summit 12000B Semi-automatic probe station and Lakeshore liquid helium cryogenic probe station.

The Centre also has a range of test samples supplied by industry, plus several semiconductor parameter analysers, including the: Agilent 5270A, Agilent 4155C, Agilent B1500/1530 and Keithley 4200/4225.

The Centre has a range of three-phase and multiphase (five-phase, six-phase and nine-phase) machines too. It is also equipped with multiphase two-level and three-level voltage source inverters and a three-phase to nine-phase direct matrix converter.

Modern measurement and instrumentation facilities include four-channel digital storage oscilloscopes and dynamic signal analysers. Control prototyping is enabled by an elaborate dSpace control system that allows easy implementation of Simulink generated real-time codes in experimentation. Further control implementation facilities include TI DSP development platforms.

In addition to this, the Centre has a number of research laboratories, which are used in all research-related activities.