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  • Journal article

    Cycling induced metastable degradation in GeSe Ovonic threshold switching selector

    Chai Z, Zhang W, Clima S, Hatem F, Degraeve R, Diao Q, Zhang JF, Freitas P, Marsland J, Fantini A, Garbin D and Goux L and Kar G

    Publish date:29/09/2021

  • Journal article

    Best Papers and Distinguished Reviewers

    Levi E

    Publish date:01/06/2021

  • Journal article

    A Comparative Study of AC Positive Bias Temperature Instability of Germanium nMOSFETs with GeO2/Ge and Si-cap/Ge Gate Stack

    Gao R, Ma J, Lin X, Zhang X, En Y, Lu G, Huang Y, Ji Z, Yang H and Zhang W and Zhang J

    Publish date:10/05/2021

  • Journal article

    Giant ferroelectric resistance switching controlled by a modulatory terminal for low-power neuromorphic in-memory computing

    Xue F, He X, Wang Z, Retamal JRD, Chai Z, Lingling J, Chenhui Z, Fang H, Chai Y, Zhang W, Alshareef H, Ji Z, Li L-J and He J-H and Zhang X

    Publish date:15/04/2021

  • Journal article

    On the accuracy in modelling the statistical distribution of Random Telegraph Noise Amplitude

    Mehedi M, Tok KH, Ye Z, Zhang J, Ji Z and Zhang W and Marsland J

    Publish date:17/03/2021

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