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  • Journal article

    Best Papers and Distinguished Reviewers

    Levi E

    Publish date:01/06/2021

  • Journal article

    A Comparative Study of AC Positive Bias Temperature Instability of Germanium nMOSFETs with GeO2/Ge and Si-cap/Ge Gate Stack

    Gao R, Ma J, Lin X, Zhang X, En Y, Lu G, Huang Y, Ji Z, Yang H and Zhang W and Zhang J

    Publish date:10/05/2021

  • Journal article

    Giant ferroelectric resistance switching controlled by a modulatory terminal for low-power neuromorphic in-memory computing

    Xue F, He X, Wang Z, Retamal JRD, Chai Z, Lingling J, Chenhui Z, Fang H, Chai Y, Zhang W, Alshareef H, Ji Z, Li L-J and He J-H and Zhang X

    Publish date:15/04/2021

  • Journal article

    On the accuracy in modelling the statistical distribution of Random Telegraph Noise Amplitude

    Mehedi M, Tok KH, Ye Z, Zhang J, Ji Z and Zhang W and Marsland J

    Publish date:17/03/2021

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