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  • Journal article

    Random‑telegraph‑noise‑enabled true random number generator for hardware security

    Brown J, Zhang J, Zhou B, Mehedi M, Freitas P and Marsland J and Ji Z

    Publish date:14/10/2020

  • Journal article

    Modular Vector Control of Multi-Three-Phase Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors

    Rubino S, Dordevic O and Bojoi R and Levi E

    Publish date:29/09/2020

  • Journal article

    Symmetrical/Asymmetrical Winding Reconfiguration in Multiphase Machines

    Levi E, Dordevic O and Jones M and Slunjski M

    Publish date:01/08/2020

  • Journal article

    Understanding Frequency Dependence of Trap Generation Under AC Negative Bias Temperature Instability Stress in Si p-FinFETs

    Zhou L, Zhang Q, Yang H, Ji Z, Zhang Z, Liu Q, Xu H, Tang B, Simoen E, Ma X, Wang X, Li Y, Yin H, Luo J and Zhao C and Wang W

    Publish date:01/07/2020

  • Journal article

    Exploring the impact of random telegraph noise-induced accuracy loss in Resistive RAM-based deep neural network

    Du Y, Jing L, Fang H, Chen H, Cai Y, Wang R and Zhang J and Ji Z

    Publish date:25/06/2020

  • Journal article

    Optimal Selection of Rotor Bar Number in Multiphase Cage Induction Motors

    Joksimovic G, Mezzarobba M and Tessarolo A and Levi E

    Publish date:24/06/2020