Electrical and Electronic Research Engineering services

Services the Centre offer

The Centre's researchers are dedicated to working alongside a variety of industry partners and organisations.

Offering a professional and innovative service, the Electrical and Electronic Engineering Research Centre’s researchers have particular expertise in the following areas:

  • CMOS, memory, RRAM, Quantum Computing
  • Testing and characterization
  • Hardware Securities
  • Qualification of processes and materials
  • Variable-speed electric drive systems
  • Modelling of VLSI devices and circuits
  • Electrical power generation plants for renewable energy sources
  • Reliability, noises, and variability
  • Power electronic converters for interfacing the variable-speed drives and generators
  • Audio and Video forensics and their standards
  • Control and fault diagnosis
  • Data-driven modelling and optimisation of complex systems
  • Human-centred design in Urban Regeneration
  • High-resolution medical ultrasound imaging
  • Ultrasonic imaging and characterisation
  • Community clustering for Big Data analysis

Services and consultancy

The Centre can help you with:

  • Testing, modelling and qualification of microelectronic devices and materials
  • Simulation and modelling of electric machines, variable-speed drives and power electronic converters
  • Designing, modelling, and testing hardware security primitives: TRNG and PUF
  • Audio and Video forensics
  • Control and fault diagnosis of complex systems and processes
  • Human centred industrial design
  • Designing, modelling, manufacturing and testing ultrasonic and piezoelectric sensors and actuators