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GERI's staff publish widely in a range of leading international journals.

Although GERI's researchers conduct applied research, researchers from the Institute also disseminate their work via international publications. Many of GERI's publications are created in collaboration with workers from other institutions from around the world and a great many of these publications enjoy a very high citation rate.

If you would like to discuss any of our publications with us, or feel that a particular paper might be relevant in solving a problem you have, please do not hesitate to contact the authours within GERI for further details.

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13 papers found

  • Conference publication

    Robotic Grinding for Surface Repair

    Sufian M and Chen X

    Publish date:20/04/2022

  • Journal article

    Constrained Abrasive Jet Polishing with a Tangentially Aligned Nozzle Shroud

    Yuan Q and Chen X and Wen D

    Publish date:14/03/2022

  • Journal article

    Microwave-assisted T6 heat treating of aluminium alloy-Al2O3 nanocomposites

    Ashwath P, Xavior MA, Rajendran R, Batako ADL and Jeyapandiarajan P and Joel J

    Publish date:08/03/2022

  • Journal article

    Selective laser melting of Al–Si–10Mg alloy: microstructural studies and mechanical properties assessment

    Ashwath P, Xavior MA, Batako A and Jeyapandiarajan P and Joel J

    Publish date:01/03/2022

  • Journal article

    Clarity method of fog and dust image in fully mechanized mining face

    Mao Q, Wang Y, Zhang X, Zhao X and Zhang G and Mushayi K

    Publish date:12/02/2022

  • Journal article

    Frictional behaviour of the microstructural surfaces created by cylindrical grinding processes

    Cao H, Chen X and Li H and Shen C

    Publish date:10/01/2022