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Postgraduate study within GERI

GERI has a thriving international research atmosphere and welcomes students from around the world.

Not only will you be gaining support from staff who are internationally respected for their research as a postgraduate student, but you will also experience a vibrant research community, working in the same environment as students from around the world.

Recent students come from the UK, France, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, China, Ukraine, Spain, India and Poland.

Areas of PhD recruitment

Currently, GERI are recruiting students in the following areas:

  • Coherent and Electro-Optics, 3-D Metrology, Fringe Analysis, Interferometry, Holography, Fibre-Optics, Image Processing, UAV Systems and Sensors

        Staff member: Dr Francis Lilley

  • Laser Machining, Laser Surface Texturing, Manufacture of Metamaterials, Carbon Composite Processing, Laser Machining of Cell Substrates, Functional Surfaces

        Staff member: Dr Martin Sharp

  • Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Grinding, HEDG, Vibro Drilling/Grinding, Manufacturing Processes, Fluid Flow, Manufacturing Process Monitoring, Functional Surfaces

        Staff member: Dr Xun Chen

  • Electronics, Electronics NDT/NDE, X-Ray/Ultrasonic Inspection, Electronics Hardware Design, Digital Signal Processing, Signal and Image Processing

        Staff member: Professor David Harvey

This list of research interests is not exhaustive. If you have an interest that is not listed here, but would like to find out more about studying as part of GERI, please do get in contact.

Prospective student enquiry form

What to expect as a PhD student

PhD study at GERI is hugely supportive. Every week, GERI runs a seminar which acts as a fertile forum for debate. The weekly seminar is an opportunity for student researchers, staff and visiting speakers to share ideas across all levels. The forum represents the dynamic thinking that characterises research activity within the Institute.

Staff within the Institute offer a wealth of experience across a range of engineering disciplines – along with publishing in industry journals, they are in wide demand for conference committees and keynote talks, as academic and industrial partners, and for external examinations and refereeing.

Important information about applying for study

Please note
If you would like to join GERI as a PhD student, your application depends not just on your academic suitability, but also on funding. Prospective research students who apply with a guaranteed external source of funding will be considered automatically.

New research grants require the appointment of research students. You’ll find these opportunities through a formal advertisement procedure via the Liverpool John Moores University Vacancies page, as well as advertising in local and national press.

Many potential research students apply to join the Institute each year on an ad-hoc basis. However, only a few of these find funding from within the GERI. If you are a prospective PhD student and wish to apply on an ad-hoc basis because you are interested in carrying out a research programme in the UK within GERI, please send a full CV to the Head of the particular GERI Group you are interested in working with.