Exploring the impact of creative transpersonal psychology practices in person-centred coaching

What are creative transpersonal psychology practices?

This study will look at the impact of Jung’s therapeutic method called active imagination in a person-centred coaching context. Active imagination is a single method that has been successfully used in psychotherapy to help awaken creative resources for the individual. This method can be expressed in many ways including dream recall, dream interpretation, creative artwork; imaginal play; open-meditation or storytelling. Applying this method in a person-centred coaching context guarantees a friendly environment where the coach assumes an attitude of unconditional positive regard towards the study participant.

What is the aim of this study?

Professional coaching is a rapidly expanding industry in need of empirically validated ways in which coaches can facilitate growth and development of the normal, well-functioning adult. This PhD study aims to contribute to the development of professional frameworks and standards that would solidify the evidence-based foundations of the coaching profession. This PhD study also aims to contribute to the theory, practice and research base of coaching psychology and of applied transpersonal psychology.

Transpersonal Psychology supports an understanding of the self that recognizes the complex interconnectedness of self with all, and aims to promote a profound transformation of our usual egoic, self-centered existence to some ultimately more satisfying or valuable condition.

What will happen to me if I take part?

Participants will take part in a coaching experience, that will comprise six coaching sessions over a period of 6-14 weeks. Coach and participant will meet online via videocall, and the participant will be invited to use this time to talk about any life issue he/she might be currently interested in exploring further with the help of a coach. In selecting the issue to be explored, participants should keep in mind that coaching is for enhancing wellbeing in personal life.

Participants will also be asked to take a short online multiple-choice questionnaire, which will help define some aspects of participants’ self-concept.

Will the research be upsetting or distressing?

The objective of this study, or of life coaching in general, is not to recall or discuss painful memories; however, we recognize that a participant might recall a painful memory while reflecting on a life issue, or otherwise common problem. The researcher holds an MSc in Transpersonal Psychology and a Postgraduate Certificate in Coaching Psychology. She does not provide counselling or therapy, and she cannot diagnose psychological problems. Coaching is for enhancing well-being in personal life and work domains with normal, non-clinical populations.

Who should I contact for more information about the study?