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Connect with the LJMU alumni community

Connect with the LJMU alumni community to keep in touch with us for continuing support and to let us know how you are progressing in your career journey.

To be part of your alumni community is to continue your relationship with LJMU and work in partnership with the University, sharing your passion and knowledge to benefit our students, yourself and the wider community

‘LJMU Connect’ is the home of our alumni community, which gives you the tools to:

  • (Re)connect - Stay in touch with your friends wherever life takes you
    • Get ahead - Boost your professional network and find the people you need to know
    • Get involved - Hear about and attend social/networking events, reunions & lectures
    • Give back - Share your top tips with current students and inspire future graduates

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Contact details

You can contact the LJMU Alumni team at:

Twitter: LJMU
Facebook: LJMUofficial

Join the LJMU Linkedin page and stay in touch - Get all the latest updates about LJMU, make connections to help develop your career and search for job opportunities from around the world.

To request official documentation

To request copies of official documents and bespoke confirmation letters to help our graduates with all kinds of practical matters, including employment and emigration, please visit the replacement transcript page.

Get your career off to a flying start with Pearson Career Courses

Are you looking for a way to build on your degree and show employers that you have the ‘real world’ experience they ask for when recruiting?

Do you get a buzz out of testing new products and suggesting improvements – especially if it will help your peers develop the career skills they need to succeed?

If the answer to those questions is ‘Yes!’ then Pearson Education has just the opportunity for you.

Pearson are looking for a select group of 100 final year students and alumni to complete ‘Understanding Customers’, the first in the portfolio of Pearson Career Courses – and provide them feedback on your learning experience. In return, as part of the course, you will get:

A work sample to showcase your mastery of the in-demand skills required.

1:1 mentoring
Dedicated support, feedback and guidance from a seasoned expert in your area of interest.

Curated resources
How-to videos, templates, real-world examples from market-leading companies.

Relevant experience
Targeted content designed by industry experts to explain foundational concepts and approaches.

If you are interested in taking this free* course, then check out Pearson Career Courses.

*This free course will be available from 5th August and should be completed by 18th September. 

Please note: LJMU is not endorsing this programme, merely making final year students and graduates aware of this opportunity. You must complete your own due diligence before deciding whether to sign up.