Reciprocal Mentoring Programme

At Liverpool John Moores University, we needed to do something different that would transform the way our university understands and responds to the perspective of black students who are part of our community.

Internal Reciprocal Mentoring Programme

That's why we developed the Internal Reciprocal Mentoring Programme. Members of the University management team were matched with current students for the Internal Reciprocal Mentoring Programme. 

Read more about the Internal Reciprocal Mentoring Programme.

External Reciprocal Mentoring Programme

After the success of the Internal Reciprocal Mentoring Programme, the external programme was developed where LJMU’s Executive Leadership team were paired with Black Liverpool city leaders to share their lived experiences, to inform policy and decision making at the university and beyond.

Read more about the External Reciprocal Mentoring Programme.

The Reciprocal Mentoring Programme has been developed by the LJMU Diversity and Inclusion team in partnership with Liverpool Commonwealth Association.

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