Are you interested in the world, and what makes it tick? Then a degree in International Relations and Politics is right for you!

BA (Hons) International Relations and Politics

Our BA programme will give you a solid grounding in international relations and politics and includes a range of exciting specialist modules. Throughout the course you will explore different approaches to understanding the world and discuss political issues of international significance, such as war and conflict, state-building, devolution in the UK, and the role of multilateral organisations. As part of the course, you also have an option to study a semester or year abroad and there are a range of national and international field trips and events you can take part in.

Harry Callaghan, BA student says:

‘The BA IRP course at Liverpool John Moores is fantastic. The modules are well taught, detailed and varied. They touch on several areas relating to IRP, including the social side such as the politics of popular culture, as well as more traditional topics like US democracy promotion. The course also allows you to study modules from other courses, with offerings from Sociology, Law, and History. This variation keeps the degree fresh and exciting. The lecturers are fantastic and the support you receive during the dissertation is unmatched from talking students on other courses. Overall, the course has been enjoyable, and despite my degree being marred by the problems of COVID, the university and lecturers have been incredibly supportive’

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MA in International Relations

Our innovative MA gives you the opportunity to study international relations from an interdisciplinary perspective with modules in International Relations, as well as Law, History and Sociology. The course prepares you for a career in an international relations-related field through regular events and workshops with experts, and as part of the course you will have the opportunity to participate in national and international field trips. Click here [link to “Field Trips and Events” tab] if you want to find out more about our past events and field trips.

Alexander Green, MA student says:

‘Studying on the MA International Relations and Politics course has been a rewarding and beneficial experience that has aided me in identifying the next steps that I would like to take in my career path. The course has included a variety of interesting and thought-provoking modules such as understanding the cycles between war and peace, the types of international law and how they can and can’t be applied, and research methods that have improved my knowledge and essay-writing with new techniques and ways to accumulate and produce data. The course was diverse with students from different backgrounds, different ages, and different universities, with lecturers that had extensive knowledge in their topics. I would recommend this course to anyone who is considering a career in either International Relations or Politics.’ 

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