Field Trips and Events

Throughout the academic year we organise several field trips and events for students to attend free of charge. So far this year, we’ve been to the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh and visited the People’s History Museum in Manchester. In 2021/2022 we visited a “secret” Nuclear Bunker, attended election observation training, went on a field trip to Derry in Northern Ireland, and took part in a climate negotiation summit. Here is what our staff and students said about some of the field trips they took part in.

People’s History Museum, Manchester (BA International Relations and Politics field trip)

‘The People’s History Museum documents the history of democracy and popular movements in the UK. We visited the museum in November 2022 with a group of level 6 students, who enjoyed the interactive displays, including a round of “Pank-a-Squith”: a board game about the suffragettes. We observed the preservation of union banners on the top floor of the museum and finished the day with a lunch and discussion about the exhibition at a nearby restaurant.’ (Christinna Hazzard, Lecturer in IRP)

Edinburgh, Scotland (BA International Relations and Politics field trip)

In November 2022, we took our level 4 students on a field trip to Edinburgh. As well as sightseeing in the city, we organised a visit to Edinburgh castle and a tour of the Scottish parliament.

Hack Green Nuclear Bunker (BA International Relations and Politics field trip)

‘In March 2022, we had a Level 4 field trip to the Hack Green Secret Nuclear Bunker to explore how museums are used as political spaces. We journeyed though the Cold War as part of a guided tour, discussing whether museums have a duty to be impartial or are all museums inherently political? We finished the day with a debate on the Russian invasion of Ukraine and whether the threat of nuclear war and bunkers really are a thing of the past.’ (Paul Anderson, Senior Lecturer in IRP)

Climate Negotiation Simulation, Birmingham (BA International Relations and Politics event)

In March 2022 our undergraduate students took part in a climate negotiation simulation in central Birmingham alongside students from across the UK. The event was hosted by the British International Studies Association (BISA) and intended to raise awareness of the politics of climate change in the wake of COP26. The students were asked to represent a country, much like Model NATO or Model UN, and they discussed reducing greenhouse gas emissions and worked towards agreeing financial and emissions targets.

Model UN, Edinburgh University (Student-led event)

On March 13 2022, some of our students took part in a Model UN event at the University of Edinburgh. This event was organised by our students as part of the Student Unions Model UN society.

Derry, Northern Ireland (MA in International Relations field trip)

‘On our fieldtrip to Northern Ireland, the students were able to learn about several important topics such as borders, culture, peace, and identity. Through walking tours and interactive exercises, the fieldtrip provided a unique experience to generate new knowledge about international relations and politics.’ (Jan Ludvigsen, Senior Lecturer in IRP)

‘One of the most memorable and enjoyable experiences that has come from studying the MA International Relations and Politics course is undoubtedly the field trip to Derry. This trip took place over three days and was full of educational, entertaining, and thought-provoking activities. For example, we had a tour around the city walls and had the opportunity to visit the various murals and statues around the bog side. By exploring the city and listening to the differing experiences of the locals, we were able to better our understanding of Northern Ireland’s history and political system. Although the field trip itself was highly educational, it also gave us the opportunity to improve our relationships with fellow students and tutors. Overall, I would highly recommend this trip to future students as it was greatly beneficial.’ (Natasha Mitchell, MA student)