Psychology Student Conference

An opportunity for students to share their research

The Psychology Student Conference features talks given by students from LJMU psychology programmes.

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Abstracts from 2021 conference

During our 2021 conference we were treated to some excellent student talks on a wide range of topics including:

A Mixed ANOVA Analysis Comparing Depression and Anxiety Severity Levels as a Result of the Current Global Pandemic - Kyla Clements

Equity Theory vs. the Effort-Reward Imbalance Model in Higher Education: A Quantitative Study Showing Academic Misconduct is Influenced More by an Effort-Reward Imbalance Than a Perception of Peer Inequity - Georgia Burton

An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis of Psychological Resilience in Professional Dancers - Manisha Aggarwal

The psychological effects of COVID-19; examining social isolation within the student population - Chloe Case

Self-Care for University Students: The Efficacy of Gratitude Journaling and Eco Therapy on Mental Wellbeing in a Randomised Control Trial - Maria Murphy

Social Media Usage and Belief Systems - Chad Horner

Abstracts from 2019 conference

During our 2019 conference we were treated to some excellent student talks on a wide range of topics including:

The relationship between childhood adversity and social touch - Shaunna Devine supervised by Dr Paula Trotter

Now You See It, Now You Feel it: Vision of The Body Increasing Tactile Sensitivity in a Somatic Signal Detection Task When at Risk of An Eating Disorder - Martha Newall supervised by Dr Valentina Cazzato

University students perceptions of their relationships with their institution - Sadie Leitch supervised by Dr David Mcllroy

Student Attitudes on Utilizing Restorative Justice among Sex Offenders - Georgie Kidd supervised by Dr Stephanie Kewley

Do Perceived Levels of Happiness and Femininity in Faces Drive Decisions about Believability, and is this Effected by Social Skill? Sadie Ryan supervised by Dr Ralph Pawling

Validating the effectiveness of an intervention intending to reduce stress and anxiety - Emma Rainbird supervised by Professor Andy Tattersall

Abstracts from the 2018 conference

At our 2018 conference we enjoyed some excellent talks on a range of interesting and original topics including:

Domestic Violence and the Public Views: exploring whether mock juror decisions will be affected by ethnicity and gender of the defendant - Mary Rogers supervised by Dr Jennifer McLaughlin

Investigating the role of childhood attachment in domestic violence: a Grounded Theory analysis - Emma Higginson supervised by Dr Sue Palmer-Conn

The effects of Lego Based Therapy on social interaction and anxiety levels in children with ASD - Samantha Norton supervised by Dr David Moore

Gender and age differences in societal attitudes towards male victims of sexual assault and rape at the hands of a female perpetrator - Charlotte Parsonage supervised by Dr Stephanie Kewley

Do Coping Mechanisms Help or Hinder Academic Success In Students - Delyth Owens supervised by Dr Caroline Brett

Affective Touch Is A Socially Relevant Stimulus: Do Hormonal Fluctuations During the Menstrual Cycle Modulate Its Reward-Value? - Laura Mulligan supervised by Prof Francis McGlone

Exploring factors predicting support for punitive attitudes male and female sex offenders - Laura Moss supervised by Dr Marek Palasinski

Determining the most important media-related predictors of anxious and depressed symptoms in young adults - Ahmer Kabir supervised by Dr Anna Law

Abstracts from the 2017 conference

During our 2017 conference we were treated to some excellent student talks on a wide range of topics including:

Feeling for others: Vicarious pain and the use of visual stimuli to explore an individual's perception of pain - Kerryn Sullivan supervised by Dr David Moore

Attitudes towards deliberate self-harm: The impact of social media, gender, empathy, knowledge and behaviour - Chelsea Cade, supervised by Professor Andy Tattersall

The effects of expertise, cognitive and attentional processes and anxiety upon a visiomotor aiming task - Harry Wilkinson (runner-up), supervised by Dr Joe Causer

Specific learning difficulties: Attitudes and knowledge of school teachers in the UK - Beth Gibson, supervised by Dr Daniel Roberts

The effect of gender on perceptions of rape - Leah Diamond, supervised by Dr Jennifer McLaughlin

Exploring interactions between psychology students and their personal tutors: Are student expectations and needs being met or are there barriers? - Alison Moffatt, supervised by Dr Jennifer McLaughlin

A case study of the psychosocial barriers encountered by a professional female footballer throughout her migration to the United Kingdom - Samuel Porter, supervised by Dr David Tod

A cross-sectional study examining the relationship between media-multitasking, executive function, sustained attention and academic achievement in pre-adolescent children - Rachel Hagan (winner), supervised by Dr Anna Law

Examining whether the mood and gender of the witness affect their eyewitness testimonies - Rebecca Lyons, supervised by Dr Anna Law

Now you see me: An experimental study into the effects of anonymity for defendants on matters of guilt and punishment regarding physical appearance stereotypes - Kathryn Sweetlove (runner-up), supervised by Daniel Marshell and Marek Palasinski

Attitudes and perceptions towards rehabilitation programmes following acquired brain injury in adults, using a grounded theory approach - Emily Hughes, supervised by Dr Caroline Brett

Abstracts from the 2016 conference

At our 2016 conference we were treated to some excellent student talks on a wide range of topics including:

Happiness in Older Generations: A correlational study exploring factors which predict well-being and satisfaction with life - Emma Kinley, supervised by Dr Mark Forshaw

Investigating Concepts of Body Image in Adults with Congenital Blindness: A Qualitative Analysis - Elenya Harston, supervised by Dr Mark Forshaw

Cyberchondria: The Impact of Health Anxiety and Health Related Searching Online on Health Perception: An Experimental Study - Simone Conway, supervised by Dr Laura Mirams and Dr Naomi Fisher

The Effect of Pleasant Olfactory-induced Auto-Biographical Memories on Affective State - Nathalie Reese, supervised by Dr Susannah Walker

To explore opinions into retributive and reductivist approaches to punishment with key emphasis on violent offenders with anti-social and borderline personality disorder: a grounded theory analysis - Juliette Wallace, supervised by Dr Emma Murray and Dr Sue Palmer-Conn

Effect of mobile phone usage on physical activity, sleep quality and life satisfaction; introducing the Locus of Control concept as a mediator - Katy Foster, supervised by Dr Daniel Roberts

The influence of social networking sites on eating disorders and self-harm in adolescent females - Amy Houghton, supervised by Dr Rachael Steele and Dr Caroline Brett

The effects of cognitive and social abilities on the transition into primary school - Carla Sullivan, supervised by Dr Catherine Willis

Topics from the 2015 conference

At our 2015 conference there were some excellent talks from students on a wide range of topics including:

Self-reported alcohol consumption, cognitive functioning and food intake - Natasha L Bloor

Differences in secondary and tertiary student behaviours and beliefs affecting learning? A cross-sectional multivariate analysis - Mark Jellicoe

The experiences of students with learning difficulties transitioning from secondary school to college: a grounded theory study - Katie Hughes

Gender difference in spelling strategies during connected writing - Kate Slade

Maths anxiety and the potential relationship with phonological loop capacity and mathematic performance: a comparative study - Oliver Hewitson

Learning in video games: the effect of tutorial presentation style on video game performance under varying time pressures - Chloe Middleton

Positive music assisted mindful breathing meditation on stress - Jacob Harosh

An investigation into the effect of physical activity on overall well-being - Chloe-Louise Gunn

A study into the efficacy of motivational quotes as an effective well-being intervention in young adults - Nicole Phillips

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