School of Sport and Exercise Science EDI panel members

The School of Sport and Exercise Science EDI panel was established in 2020, prior to which it was referred to as the Athena SWAN Self-Assessment Team. The Panel are committed to promoting and embedding a culture of equity, diversity, and inclusion in its broadest sense. Our Terms of Reference outline how we aim to achieve our mission.

Who we are

Dr Tori Sprung

Dr Francesca Champ

Dr Lee Graves

Professor Zoe Knowles

Danny Cullinane

Vicci Boyd

Dr Colin Lewis

Professor Lynne Boddy

Dr Amy Whitehead

Professor Tom O’Brien

Emily Wharton

Dr David Low

Dr Sigrid Olthof

Dr Karl C Gibbon

Professor Mark Hollands

Dr Allistair McRobert

Bex Walker

Dr Rebecca Murphy

Dr Ian Sadler

Amy Elizabeth Hardwick

Dr Kelsie Johnson

Dr Sarah Taylor

Mark Doyle