Disability Sport and Physical Activity (DisSPA) Network


The DisSPA network aims to provide a transdisciplinary space to connect members and allies who advocate for, and collaborate to, enhance the provision of more inclusive and empowering sport and physical activity opportunities for people with disability.

About the DisSPA Network

Lead: Dr Tabo Huntley

DisSPA objectives:

  • To encourage collaboration between academia, people with disability and organisations to ensure that disabled people’s participation in sport and physical activity is realised.
  • To support and drive collaborative pioneering research projects to positively impact upon the lives of disabled people in all expressions of sport and physical activity.
  • To commit with enthusiasm and vigour to the sharing of knowledge and best practice with regards to the inclusion and empowerment of disabled people in sport and physical activity.
  • To create innovative enterprise/knowledge transfer and professional events/activities that contribute to the creation of valuable economic, cultural or social well-being activity for disabled groups.
  • To provide professional development opportunities, education and training for individuals and organisations working to support disabled people to get involved in sport and physical activity.
  • To advocate for disability-related topics and other equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) subject areas to be infused within sport, sport and exercise science and physical activity education programmes.
  • To actively encourage persons with disability to pursue their studies and sporting ambitions in an accessible, supportive, and understanding LJMU learning and social environment.

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