DisSPA network

Our areas of interest and services

Liverpool John Moores University’s DisSPA network team works within and across research and subject disciplines to deliver focused interventions that meets the need of partners. These include:

  • Evaluation projects – exploring the impact of interventions (e.g. education and CPD) on practice.
  • Work force audits and reports – use of mixed method research approaches to understand the roles, knowledge, skills and needs of the workforce. 
  • eLearning curriculum design – creating curriculum, content and engaging learning interface.
  • Coproduction projects – working with partners to create co-create projects that provides workable solutions (e.g. Policy translation into education and practice)
  • Physical activity research – exploring activity levels and PA lifestyle interventions
  • Performance profiling – exploring the physical and physiological needs of performers with disability. 
  • Performance psychology – design, deliver and evaluate sport psychology interventions with individuals and teams.