Meet our Associate Deans Global Engagement

LJMU has appointed five senior academics to act as international 'ambassadors' for each of our five faculties.

The 'Associate Dean Global Engagement' (ADGE) role means partners have a senior liaison academic with specialist knowledge of their disciplines and the relevant personal contacts.

"This proves our commitment to plan globally," explained Dr Julia Wang, LJMU's Deputy Director of International Relations. "It also means that when researchers or student liaisons from, say an Asian or American university want to connect with LJMU, they can now do so much more smoothly,"

See our five ADGEs and read their profiles:

Faculty of Arts, Professional and Social Studies - Dr Emma Roberts.

Faculty of Health - Dr Sean Mackay.

Faculty of Science - Dr Elaine Hemers.

Faculty of Engineering and Technology - Dr Russell English.

Faculty of Business and Law - Dr Alison Lui.


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