Stephen E. Coleman Best Paper Award

The Stephen E. Coleman Best Paper Award is given biennially for the best paper submitted to the River Flow Conference Series first authored by a young researcher. This award was established by the IAHR Fluvial Hydraulics Committee in September 2014, in memory of Prof. Stephen E. Coleman (1966–2012). Prof. Coleman is remembered for his outstanding and original contributions to fundamental and applied research in the fields of river mechanics and environmental fluid mechanics and his devotion and enthusiasm in the training of the new generations of hydraulic engineers and scientists.

The conditions for applying to the Stephen E. Coleman Best Paper Award are:

  • The first author of the paper is a young researcher who will present it orally at River Flow conference.
  • The author applied to the award when submitting the paper (please indicate at the beginning of the full paper submission if you intend to apply for the award, see the submission guidelines).
  • The submitted paper should be a full paper or an extended abstract of at least four (4) pages.

The selection of the best paper will be done by an Award Committee composed by members of the (Leadership Team of the) IAHR FHC. The award will be given during the closing ceremony of River Flow 2022.

Please note
For the purpose of this award, a young researcher is defined as a MSc or PhD student or a researcher who has completed his or her PhD no more than three years before the date of the conference in which the award will be given.

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