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Accommodation information for the Clearing period

LJMU guarantees a room in approved accommodation to all new students, including all who join us during the Clearing period

If you have not yet booked accommodation and you know you are coming to LJMU

If you have gained a place at LJMU via the Clearing vacancy hotline or because LJMU was originally your insurance choice and you were rejected by your firm choice, you can request accommodation using the accommodation request form. This also applies to students who chose LJMU as their original firm choice but have not requested accommodation until now. Please note that students who submitted an accommodation request when LJMU was their insurance choice must submit a new one now because the original request will not have been processed.

We cannot allocate accommodation to anyone unless UCAS Track states you have accepted an offer from LJMU. If LJMU was your original firm choice or your original insurance choice, then this should happen automatically. However students are advised to check UCAS Track to avoid any delays to the allocation of accommodation.

If you have received an offer from the Clearing vacancy hotline you do not have to wait until you have added this offer as a Clearing choice in UCAS Track. However you must add the offer to UCAS Track as soon as possible because we are cannot allocate you a bedroom until this has happened. How to do this is explained on the UCAS website.

Choosing your accommodation

When completing the accommodation request form, you can list up to three hall(s) that you would prefer from those on our listing page – and not just those showing as having bedrooms available now.  If you have a maximum weekly rent that you can afford then please only list halls that fall within that price bracket. Please note that LJMU guarantees accommodation to all new students but we cannot guarantee a particular hall or bedroom type. 

We will allocate bedrooms to all new students, sticking as closely as possible to the preferences stated on the request. Inevitably, it will not be possible to meet these preferences exactly in all cases.

If you request a bedroom in a particular hall but we do not allocate you one there, this is because no bedrooms are available. Instead we will allocate you the nearest equivalent in terms of location and price. If you reject a bedroom without a good reason, you will be returned to the queue of students requiring accommodation. Please contact the Student Accommodation Office to discuss the hall and bedroom you have been allocated.

Getting a response to accommodation requests

We will process all accommodation requests received and allocate bedrooms to students as soon as possible. Please note that we expect to receive several hundred requests in the first few hours of the Clearing period, starting early on Thursday, 15 August 2019.

The owner of the hall to which you are allocated will contact you by email to explain what you must do to confirm the booking, including making the initial payment of no more than £150. This email will be sent to the address entered on the request form and so it is vital that this mailbox is checked regularly. Once you have received the email from the hall owner, you should respond as soon as possible. Failure to respond within 72 hours may result in the bedroom being allocated to another student.

Please do not submit multiple requests because this will delay the process of allocating you a bedroom. If you receive a copy of the request this means that we have also received it and we will allocate you a suitable bedroom as soon as possible. If you want to amend your request in any way, please send an email to

If you have booked accommodation at LJMU and your place on a course is confirmed

If LJMU is your firm choice university and your place is confirmed after you receive your exam results, you do not need to contact the Accommodation Office unless you have a specific enquiry. If you are rejected for your original course but accept a place on an alternative course at LJMU, you can keep the original room if you wish but please let us know by email to that you intend to do so. 

If you have booked accommodation at LJMU and your place is not confirmed

If LJMU is your firm choice university but you are rejected after your receive your exam results, you can cancel your booking and receive a full refund of the initial payment or deposit. However you must tell us that you want to cancel the booking using the simple online cancellation form. We cannot automatically cancel your booking because many students who are initially rejected will later accept places on alternative courses at LJMU. 

If you have a room booked but are rejected by LJMU and accept a place at another local university, we will not automatically cancel your booking. However you are entitled to a full refund if you cancel your booking within seven days of receiving your exam results. LJMU encourages all students who accept offers elsewhere to contact their new accommodation office to request a bedroom. All bookings must be cancelled using the online cancellation form.

If you have booked accommodation at LJMU but you decide to defer or study elsewhere

If you are accepted by LJMU but decide not to study here you must complete the online cancellation form to cancel your booking. Cancellations received up to seven days after the release of exam results on 15 August will normally be granted if you are no longer coming to study at LJMU. Cancellations received after 5.00 pm on Friday, 23 August will only be granted at the discretion of the hall concerned and usually only if another student takes over the room. Students who are still coming to LJMU but wish to cancel their accommodation are not necessarily entitled to have the booking cancelled or their payment refunded and they should contact the hall to discuss the relevant cancellation policy.

Contacting the Accommodation Office

The LJMU Accommodation Office can be contacted by email to or by phone to 0151 231 4166 during the Clearing period. The Office will be open on Saturday, 17 and Sunday, 18 August in addition to the normal opening hours stated on this website.