Current students

Find your new home for next year

All students are strongly advised to search for their next home using the services of Liverpool Student Homes (LSH).

LSH advertise the largest selection of private student accommodation in Liverpool, including all the halls plus shared houses and flats of all sizes. It is the only official service for private accommodation and is endorsed and funded by the 3 local universities and their respective Students' Unions.

The LSH accreditation scheme means hall owners, landlords and letting agents who advertise must ensure that their accommodation meets quality and safety criteria. You can find out more information about what LSH accreditation means on the LSH website.

Key things to remember when searching for accommodation:

  • Don't be pressurised into securing accommodation too early. There is plenty of accommodation in Liverpool, so it is important not to rush!
  • Don’t approach other housing agencies when looking for accommodation Do not be fooled by other companies with “Student Homes” in the title – LSH is the only official student housing service.
  • Remember that most halls have vacancies for next year. All reputable halls are accredited with LSH and residents are protected by the LSH Standards, even if they book directly.
  • Don’t settle for poor quality accommodation. If there is any aspect of a property with which you are unhappy, walk away and keep looking until you find the right one.
  • Always ask ‘Is this property accredited with LSH? If the answer is ‘No’ then ask, ‘Why not?’ and walk away!

LSH also run virtual “Find a Housemate” meet-ups for current students throughout the year and the details of these events are listed on the LHS website and on their Facebook page

Living in halls

It is no longer the norm for LJMU students to move into a shared house after their first year and staying in a hall has many advantages:

  • individual tenancy agreements as opposed to the joint tenancies offered in most houses
  • rents which are genuinely inclusive of all fuel charges and will not change for the duration of your tenancy
  • city-centre locations within walking distance of lectures
  • on-site staff to assist with repairs, deliveries etc
  • the chance to be placed with students in the same situation, giving you a ‘second chance’ to make a group of friends

LJMU partner halls

If you are a first year student and you currently live in a LJMU partner hall, you should check what rebooking discounts are on offer from the hall owner. You will probably need to choose a new flat because LJMU usually uses the same flats for each new intake. But you can choose where you live in the building and you can also ask to share a flat with students at the same stage of their university career. 

Living in a house or flat

If you decide to move into a shared house or flat, then you must ensure that you only rent a property that is accredited by LSH. You also need to check how much fuel is included within the rent you will be paying. There are very few properties available for next year on a completely all-inclusive basis. As energy costs continue to rise, it is essential that you know how much extra you could pay on top of your rent - before you sign the tenancy agreement. LSH have produced a very helpful FAQ on this subject, which is available to view on the LSH website.

If you are considering signing a tenancy agreement for a house or a flat and would like someone to confirm the likely fuel costs, you can email the agreement to us. You can also bring a copy to the reception at the Student Life Building between 10am and 4pm from Monday to Friday. 

Further information

If you have any questions about finding accommodation for next year, feel free to contact LJMU Accommodation Office or LSH in the first instance.