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Continuing students

Find your new home for next year

All continuing students are strongly advised to search for their next home using the services of Liverpool Student Homes (LSH)

LSH is the only official service for private accommodation and is endorsed and funded by the three local universities and is supported by their respective Students' Unions. LSH advertise the largest selection of private student accommodation in Liverpool, including shared houses and flats of all sizes plus private halls and studios.

LSH have an accreditation scheme in place, and all landlords or agents who wish to advertise must ensure that accommodation meets the quality and safety criteria in the LSH Standards. The list of registered properties is available to view on the LSH website or by visiting the LSH office, which is located at 5 Oxford Street, just around the corner from the Metropolitan Cathedral.

Key things to remember when searching for accommodation

There are a number of points to bear in mind while you are searching for your new home for the following year. If you have any further questions, feel free to get in touch with LSH. Please note that due to the high workload associated with finding accommodation for the next intake of students, the LJMU Accommodation Office cannot assist continuing students with their search for accommodation.

  • Come to an LSH Housing Fair
    The Fairs are a great opportunity to meet over 40 LSH registered landlords and agents to find out more about your options and ask any questions you may have. Follow LSH on Facebook and Twitter for updates on plans for a virtual housing fair.

  • Don't be pressurised into securing accommodation too early
    Don't be influenced by rumours that there will be no accommodation left. Most private Halls will only start taking bookings after Christmas and it is important not to sign up with a Hall unless you are certain that you wish to live there next year. There is an oversupply of private accommodation in Liverpool, so it is important NOT TO RUSH!

    The earlier you sign for your accommodation, the more chance you have of experiencing problems. By the summer you could have fallen out with your prospective co-tenants but have a signed agreement that you can’t cancel.

    Your Housing Journey infographic

    Remember that landlords who register properties with LSH must sign up to the LSH Standards, which offer you a high degree of protection and a complaints procedure in case anything goes wrong.

  • Don’t approach other housing agencies when looking for accommodation
    Don’t be fooled by other companies with “Student Homes” in the title – Liverpool Student Homes is the only official student housing agency in the city, and you will not receive the same level of support from other companies as you will from LSH .

  • Remember that almost all the large private Halls will have vacancies for next year
    All the main Halls are registered with LSH and so residents are protected by the LSH Standards, even if they book with them directly. If you are unsure whether a Hall is registered with LSH, check their website.

    Many Halls will offer incentives to encourage you book early but there may be even better deals or offers later in the summer, as there have been in previous years.

  • Do not settle for poor quality accommodation
    If there is any aspect of a property that you are not happy with, walk away and keep looking until you find the right one. You can get advice and guidance about contracts from LSH – don't sign anything if you are unsure about it.

    LSH also offer free confidential housing rights advice, and your property doesn’t need to be LSH registered to access this service. You can contact them at advice2u@liverpool.ac.uk. 

  • Always ask ‘Is this property registered with LSH’?
    If the answer is ‘No’ then ask yourself ‘Why not?’ and walk away.

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