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Moving into a new place is a significant step for anyone, especially if it’s your first time away from home. You’re bound to have lots of questions, so we’ve put together responses to some of the most common queries below – if you don’t see the answer to yours here get in touch and the team will be happy to help.

Information for September 2020 arrivals

Should I bother getting accommodation if everything will be online?

That is something that only you can decide. All new students will have face-to-face teaching during the first semester and so you will need to be present in Liverpool for at least part of each week. The university is committed to providing all students with the best possible experience and this includes those new students who choose to live in our partner halls.

If you live close enough to Liverpool so that you can commute for the occasional lecture, then you may decide that living at home is a better option. If you have booked your accommodation via the LJMU Accommodation Office, you can cancel your booking without penalty until 5pm on Friday, 21 August for any reason.

However if you have not yet booked any accommodation and think you will need it, we advise you to book so as soon as possible because several of our halls are close to selling out: book via the Applicant site.

If I book halls will I be on my own? Are other students moving to Liverpool?

If you book a room via the LJMU Accommodation Office, you are guaranteed to share your flat with other new LJMU students. At the time of writing, over 3,500 new students have already booked a room for September, which is 20% more than at the same stage in 2019 – so no need to worry about being alone!

If I have signed up already for my accommodation, will I be able to cancel it?

If you have booked your accommodation via LJMU, you can cancel your booking without penalty until 5pm on Friday, 21 August. Cancelling is simple and must be done via the Applicant Area, which is where you would have sent the initial accommodation request.

However If you cancel your booking, we will re-allocate the room to another new student. Many of our halls are now full and hence you may not be able to go back into the same hall if you change your mind again later. Therefore, we would advise you to cancel your booking only when you are certain that you no longer require accommodation.

If you have booked accommodation for this coming year but it was not booked via the Accommodation Office, you may wish to check with the owner or landlord whether you are able to cancel this booking at a later date. If you are unsure about whether you have booked your accommodation via LJMU, please contact the Accommodation Office for clarification.

When can I arrive at my accommodation?

Your hall owner will contact you with your allocated move-in slot, which will be in the period from Thursday, 17 to Saturday, 19 September. You must arrive during this allocated slot because of the need to manage the numbers arriving at each hall each day. It will also ensure that all members of a new flat “household” will arrive on the same day.  

The only exceptions are for new Nursing and Midwifery students who can move into their accommodation from Friday, 4 September and Friday, 11 September onwards respectively.

It will not be possible to move in to your Hall before your allocated slot under any circumstances. If you cannot arrive within the slot, you can arrive any time on Sunday, 20 September instead. However, you must inform the Hall owner of your intention to do so. All queries about the move-in process should be directed to the hall owner and not to LJMU.

You are free to bring as many helpers as you want when you come to Liverpool. But only one person will be able to come into the hall and into your flat with you, due to distancing rules. Everyone else will need to wait in the car or go for something to eat or to do some shopping while you get settled in to your accommodation.

Will my accommodation be safe?

Yes - our accommodation partners are working hard within government guidelines to ensure your safety when entering, leaving and moving around your hall. Once you enter the flat, you and your flatmates will form a “household” and it will be your collective responsibility to keep the living environment as clean and safe as possible. Because of distancing rules, hall staff will not be able to visit flats as they do now, but they will always be available for advice and guidance during normal office hours.

Can I have guests in my flat?

Our accommodation partners regularly review government guidance. At present, guidance suggests that once you have arrived at your new flat and created a household, guests should not enter the flat. Should you have concerns about guests entering your flat, please do contact the staff in your hall in the first instance. If necessary, the hall will report any breaches of the rules around guests to LJMU for investigation and possible disciplinary procedures.

Can I move out if I decide that I don’t want it?

Once you have moved in to your accommodation, you will not be able to move out and cancel your tenancy simply because you do not want to live there any longer.  In previous years, it was sometimes possible to move students to different flats or halls if they were unhappy but this will not be possible during 2020/21 due to rules on the creation of households. Therefore, it is very important to be certain that you do want to move into accommodation before the cancellation deadline of 21st August at 5pm.

In the event of another major outbreak of the disease and new lockdown restrictions, the university may move to fully online delivery for a short period. In that case, you would still need to pay for your accommodation, even if you decide to return home. In the unlikely event that the university closed completely, our accommodation partners would make individual decisions about whether to allow students to cancel their tenancies.

Will I have to isolate in my flat if I or one of my flatmates is diagnosed or shows symptoms?

Yes at the time of writing, the rules state that if you or a flatmate becomes unwell with symptoms of Covid-19 or is diagnosed with it, then the whole flat will need to self-isolate for 14 days.

Making your choice

I am a new student at LJMU – am I guaranteed accommodation?

LJMU guarantees a bedroom in high quality accommodation to all new students, regardless of what course they are doing or when they apply. Most of the rooms feature private en-suite bathrooms, although flats with shared bathrooms can be a cheaper option. We cannot guarantee a room in a specific location to every applicant as some locations will be full before the start of the academic year. Therefore if you have a preference it is important to submit your accommodation request as soon as possible.

Does LJMU offer any catered accommodation?

There is no catered accommodation at LJMU but all flats, including studios, have full kitchen facilities, meaning you can be self-sufficient. There are also plenty of food outlets, supermarkets and cafés/restaurants throughout the city centre, suiting every budget.

Where should I live?

Undergraduate students should check out our search facility to find the best place to live. Selecting your course from those displayed in the ‘Filter by course’ box will bring up a list of Halls recommended for you. If you know the campus in which your course is taught, you can also look at pages 5, 8 and 9 of the latest Accommodation Guide to see a list of Halls recommended for that campus.

Postgraduate and mature students should consult the information on this page and contact the Accommodation Office for further advice if necessary.

To see a handy summary of prices and key information for all our Halls, view our Accommodation Grid.

Who will I live with?

If you request a bedroom via the Accommodation Office, you will only share your flat with other new LJMU students. If you choose accommodation close to the building in which your course is taught then it is likely that you will be sharing with other students on similar courses. If you know you definitely want to live in a certain type of flat, please indicate this when you submit your accommodation request and the Accommodation Office will do its best to meet your needs.

Can I live with my friend(s)?

Yes! If you wish to share your flat with a friend (or friends) who will also be new LJMU students, please indicate this when you submit your accommodation request and make sure that your friend(s) does the same. If possible you and your friends should submit your requests at the same time to ensure that this request is captured by the Accommodation Office. However, please note that you cannot share a flat with a student from another university or with a student who is already at LJMU.

Can I bring a pet?

Sorry, no animals are permitted in any accommodation. This includes goldfish!

Can I smoke in my accommodation?

Sorry, smoking is not permitted in any accommodation and this also includes “vaping” – the use of electronic cigarettes.

Can I visit any of the accommodation sites before making my choice?

You certainly can – LJMU Open Days are a great way of viewing student accommodation, as well as finding out about all the other great things LJMU has to offer. If you visit us during an Open Day you will be able to visit a typical flat and study bedroom in as many of the accommodation sites as you wish.

Once you are offered a place at the University, you will be invited to an Applicant Day which offers a further opportunity to visit student accommodation (please note that a few courses do not hold Applicant Days). Another way to visit accommodation at LJMU is as part of a Campus Tour.

Due to the large number of students who enter LJMU every year, we cannot arrange individual visits to view accommodation. However if you have a particular reason for wanting to visit accommodation please contact the Accommodation Office.

I will be on holiday/travelling during the summer, how do I secure my accommodation?

To secure your accommodation, you or someone you trust can submit your accommodation request using the applicant site as normal. Your chosen accommodation provider will contact you by email to either send a tenancy agreement to print, sign and return, or to ask you to log onto their booking system.

If you will not be able to follow these instructions at that stage, it is important that someone explains this and asks them to reserve a room for you. They may require that someone pays the initial payment on your behalf or they may wait until you return home, depending on their policies and the likely time that you will be away. Either way, you will need to sign the tenancy agreement as soon as possible when you return and make the payment if this has not been done.

I have seen information about other student accommodation in Liverpool that is not listed on your website, can I book it? 

We strongly recommend that you book accommodation for your first year at university via this website. The only way to guarantee that you will share with other new LJMU students like yourself is to book it this way. LJMU and JMSU invest considerable resources in the support of new students in the Halls listed here and this will not be available if you choose to live elsewhere.

Requesting accommodation

How and when do I request accommodation?

Requesting student accommodation at LJMU is easy and is done via the applicant area and cannot be done in any other way. All requests must be made via the applicant area. You will need your UCAS or University ID and also the email address that you used to apply to LJMU in order to access the applicant area and to submit your accommodation request.

Please note that you cannot submit an accommodation request for academic year 2020/21 until 10.00am on Monday 3 February. Furthermore, you cannot submit a request for accommodation unless you have received and have Firmly accepted an offer from LJMU. If you have applied to university via UCAS, you must have accepted an offer from LJMU as your firm (first) choice. You can Firmly accept an offer in UCAS Track once you have received offers from all the universities to which you have applied.

All new LJMU students are guaranteed accommodation and we allocate rooms on a first come, first served basis to students who have submitted a request and who have (by definition) already Firmly accepted an offer. Therefore, some halls and room types will sell out before the start of the academic year. Because of this we recommend that you submit a request as soon as you have made your choice of where to live. For academic year 2020/21 we expect Horizon Heights and Hardman House to be particularly popular with applicants. However, if you plan to visit LJMU on an Applicant Day before making a final decision on whether to study at LJMU, please do not worry as you will still have several great accommodation options available.

Please contact the Accommodation Office if you have any concerns about how and when to request your accommodation.

What happens after I submit my accommodation request?

All requests are checked to ensure they are complete and to confirm that you have made LJMU your Firm choice university. If your request is valid, we will transfer your details to the owner of your chosen accommodation and they will allocate you a room according to your preferences. We transfer student details every Wednesday and this includes requests received until noon on the preceding Monday.

The accommodation owner will contact you by email using the address entered on your request. In some cases you will be sent a tenancy agreement and related forms and in other cases you will be asked to log on to a booking system. It is important to note that this email will come from the accommodation owner and not from LJMU. You should follow the instructions and complete the booking within seven days, otherwise the room may be re-allocated to another student.

Please feel free to contact the LJMU Accommodation Office at any time with any queries about the accommodation request process.

How can I cancel or change the accommodation that I requested?

Once you have submitted an accommodation request via the applicant area, you cannot submit another request until you have cancelled the first one. In addition, you cannot change the Hall that you have requested until you have cancelled the first request. It’s easy to cancel your request by selecting the ‘cancel accommodation request’ option and selecting one of the reasons for cancelling – and you can then submit a new request . The LJMU Accommodation Office will inform the owner of your original accommodation that you wish to cancel and in due course you will be contacted by the owner of the new accommodation. Please contact the Accommodation Office before you cancel a request if you have any queries or concerns about your accommodation choices.

Does LJMU only reserve rooms for students with unconditional offers?

No, as long as you make LJMU your first choice university, the Accommodation Office will process your request for accommodation, regardless of whether you have a conditional or unconditional offer.

I have a conditional offer, so what happens if I don't meet the terms of that offer?

If you are unsuccessful in meeting the terms of your offer and are rejected by LJMU, your booking will be cancelled and any payment you have made will be refunded in full.

What happens if I book a room and I meet the terms of my offer but I change my mind about coming to LJMU or about going into accommodation?

If you are successful in meeting the terms of your offer but decide that you don’t want your room for any reason, you must let us know as soon as possible. If you inform us by no later than 5.00 pm on the second Friday following the release of the A Level results in mid-August, your booking will be cancelled and any payment made will be refunded in full. 

For academic year 2020/21, this deadline is 5.00 pm on Friday, 21 August 2020. 

You can cancel your request by selecting the ‘cancel accommodation request’ option within the applicant area and selecting one of the reasons for cancelling. Please note that students who decide to defer their place on a course to a later year must also contact us by this deadline in order to have their booking cancelled.

When I completed my UCAS application form I indicated that I planned to live at home but I have changed my mind – is that a problem?

No, LJMU disregards this piece of information on your UCAS application and accepts accommodation requests from all students who have made LJMU their first choice university.

When I applied for my student finance I stated that I would live at home but I have changed my mind – is that a problem?

No, the Accommodation Office is not informed of the details of your application for student funding so you can complete our online request form even if you have said you will be living at home.

However students who live at home are entitled to a smaller maintenance loan and if you wish to take advantage of the larger loan, you need to inform the Student Loans Company (SLC) of your change of circumstances as soon as possible. It is important to note that when you apply for funding, you declare that you will inform the SLC of any change of circumstances. If you indicate to the SLC that you are going to live in accommodation but then decide to live at home instead, you must inform them immediately.

More information about student funding can be found on the website.

Will I need a guarantor? Who should that be?

In order to be eligible to pay rent in three equal instalments, UK students need to provide the details of someone who will act as their guarantor. The guarantor is usually a parent or guardian, but can be a sibling or a family friend as long as the person named is also resident in the UK and is prepared to accept the obligations of being a guarantor. This means accepting that they are legally bound to pay any outstanding rent if you (the student) fail to do so for any reason.

The accommodation owner may need to verify the identity, residence status and income of the proposed guarantor and can refuse to accept any guarantor who does not meet their criteria.

Students from outside the UK do not need to provide the details of a guarantor because they are required to pay the full year's rent in advance of arrival. This includes students living in the Republic of Ireland, Gibraltar, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. If you are resident outside the UK but have someone in the UK who is prepared to act as your guarantor, it may be possible for you to pay in instalments: please contact the Accommodation Office for advice in this instance.

What will I need to do to secure my booking?

In order to secure your room, you should comply in full with the instructions sent by your accommodation provider. This will include signing and returning a tenancy agreement and additional documentation such as the guarantor form, although this may take place online. You will also be asked to make an initial payment of no more than £150 and to provide details of a bank account to be used to make the rent payments after you arrive at university.

It is important to note that if you have a conditional offer from LJMU but do not subsequently achieve the required examination results to study here, this initial payment will be refunded in full by your accommodation provider and the tenancy agreement will be cancelled by your accommodation provider.

I intend to make LJMU my insurance choice university, should I request accommodation?

No, we only process accommodation requests from students who have Firmly accepted their offer from LJMU and made us their first choice university. If you are holding an offer from us as your Insurance choice, you will not be able to submit a request via the applicant site.

If you accept an offer from LJMU as your Firm choice and make a payment to secure a room, but subsequently decide to make us your Insurance choice, you may not be entitled to a refund of the deposit. If you initially take LJMU as your Insurance university but we subsequently become your Firm choice, you should submit a request via the applicant area as soon as possible.

If LJMU is your Insurance choice university and your place here is confirmed when the exam results are released in August, you can request accommodation at that stage. Further details will be released when information about the Clearing period is published in the summer. In previous years, nearly all new students who took up a place at LJMU during the Clearing period were offered rooms in one of the Halls listed on our website.

I will be on holiday/travelling during the summer, how do I secure my accommodation?

To secure your accommodation, you or someone you trust can send in your accommodation request using the online form as normal. Your chosen accommodation provider will contact you by email to either send a tenancy agreement to print, sign and return, or to ask you to log onto their booking system.

If you will not be able to follow these instructions at that stage, it is important that someone explains this and asks them to reserve a room for you. They may require that someone pays the initial payment on your behalf or they may wait until you return home, depending on their policies and the likely time that you will be away. Either way, you will need to sign the tenancy agreement as soon as possible when you return and make the payment if this has not been done.

I have been asked to attend an interview or audition, how and when can I request accommodation?

Auditions and interviews are held at LJMU for a limited number of courses and most of these take place in January, February and early March. We allocate rooms on a “first come, first served” basis but students can only send an accommodation request once they have received - and have Firmly accepted - an offer from LJMU. Therefore it is possible that some students who are invited to interview or audition could miss out on their preferred Hall if their offer arrives after we start to accept requests on Monday, 3 February 2020. 

To stop this happening, the last few rooms in each Hall will be reserved for these students and will only be allocated once the majority of interviews and auditions have been completed. Please note that this does not apply to the interviews for Nursing, Midwifery and Paramedic courses because these students are advised to stay in particular Halls and enough rooms are set aside there to house all potential students.

I intend to come to LJMU for a Foundation course, am I able to request accommodation for my first year of study in Liverpool?

Yes all Foundation students can request a room in a LJMU-affiliated Hall (those listed on this website) for their first year living in Liverpool. However if you live close to the city, you may wish to commute during the first year and request accommodation for your second year of study instead. If so you are likely to be sharing a flat with other students who have just arrived in the city and who will be at the same stage of their course as you. You can also request accommodation from LJMU for both of the first two years but this is subject to some conditions. Please read the FAQ immediately below this one for further details on these conditions.

I am currently studying on a Foundation course. Am I able to request a room from the LJMU Accommodation Office for my second year of study in Liverpool?

If you have not lived in a LJMU-affiliated Hall in your first year in Liverpool then you can request accommodation via this website like any other new student. If you have already lived in a LJMU-affiliated Hall, you can still request accommodation via this website but you will be offered a room in a limited selection of Halls. In addition, the Accommodation Office reserves the right to contact your current Hall owner for information about your behaviour and your payment record over the past year. For academic year 2020/21, we will not offer rooms in the following Halls to Foundation students who have already lived in our accommodation: Byrom Point, Hardman House and Horizon Heights. This list may be amended in response to changes in the availability of Halls – please contact the LJMU Accommodation Office for further information.

Money matters

How do I pay my rent?

If you are able to pay your rent in full, in advance of arriving in Liverpool, some accommodation providers will offer you a discount on the annual cost. All the accommodation offered to new LJMU students will allow home (UK-based) students to pay their rent in three equal instalments if they can provide the details of a UK-based guarantor. These instalments are timed to coincide with receipt of funding from the Student Loans Company – the first instalment is usually due in late September, with further instalments due in early January and late March or early April.

Students from outside the UK are required to pay the rent in full and in advance of arriving at LJMU unless they can provide details of a UK-based guarantor.

Are utility bills included in rental charges?

Yes, all the accommodation offered by LJMU to new students feature all-inclusive rents, so there will be no additional charges for heating or lighting. WiFi internet access is also included within the rents, as is basic contents insurance.

What happens to my deposit?

All the accommodation providers require an initial payment when the tenancy agreement is signed to confirm the booking. In some cases this becomes a damage deposit and will be returned at the end of the tenancy, minus any charges for damage. In other cases this is a pre-payment and the amount you will pay after you arrive is reduced, either split across the three instalments or deducted from the last instalment. Details of how much this initial payment will be and whether it is a deposit or pre-payment can be found on the pages for the individual accommodation sites.

Will I need a TV Licence?

If a television is provided in the communal area of your flat, then a TV Licence will have been purchased for you and your flatmates by the accommodation provider (Please note this does not apply to students living in studios, who will need to buy their own Licence). 

But any student who watches or records live television on anything other than the communal television will require their own TV Licence. It doesn’t matter what channel you watch and it doesn’t matter what equipment you use – traditional TV, games console, laptop or mobile phone. You still need to be covered by a Licence if you watch or record live television programmes or if you download and watch BBC programmes on iPlayer. You are not covered by any Licence which has been purchased for your family home. 

If you’re found to be using TV without a Licence, you may be prosecuted and fined up to £1,000 plus court costs, and you will still need to buy a TV Licence. To find out more about whether you require a Licence, visit the TV Licensing website.

Will I need to pay Council Tax?

No – full-time students living in private accommodation with other students are fully exempt from Council Tax.

Will I require insurance?

All of the accommodation offered to new students has basic insurance cover included within the rent. As a general rule, this cover does not include loss or damage to laptop computers and students are usually offered the chance to purchase additional cover on arrival in Liverpool.

It is advisable to check carefully to ensure that your belongings are covered, especially if you have any unusual or valuable items. However it is also a good idea to check whether your belongings would be covered by an insurance policy at your permanent home address, even if this is in the name of a parent or guardian.

What to expect

Can friends visit and/or stay over?

The majority of accommodation will allow a friend to stay with you in your room for one or two nights. You should check your tenancy agreement as this will outline the rules for your specific accommodation. Please remember that if your friend causes any damage or disruption while staying with you then you may be held liable for it. It is also important to take account of the views of your flatmates when inviting friends to stay.

If I have a problem with my accommodation or flat mates, who can I contact?

You should always contact the on-site accommodation staff in the first instance as they are best placed to rectify any problems. If they are unable to assist or you don't feel that they are taking the issue seriously then the next step is to contact Student Advice and Wellbeing.

Who do I talk to if I feel lonely or miss home?

LJMU Residential Assistants are available to new students for help and advice with many of the problems that you may encounter. In addition to this LJMU offers a number of support services such as Counselling, who provide a confidential service if you need to talk to someone about any problems you have. Liverpool John Moores University Students' Union also provides a number of clubs and societies, which you can join to meet people with similar interests.

Do I have to move out over the Christmas or Easter holidays?

No – your room is yours from the first day of the tenancy until the last, and you do not have to move anything out of your room or your flat during that period.

Can I stay in the city-centre Hall accommodation after my first year?

Yes – all of the Halls offered to new LJMU students have rooms available for second and third year students and hence you can stay longer than one year if you wish. Most LJMU students now stay in Hall style accommodation for the duration of their course – although often this means living in more than one Hall over this period.

In Liverpool, living in a Hall can be just as economical as moving into a private house, when all the extra costs are included. Additional costs associated with houses include paying for extra weeks that you may not need (tenancies are typically 52 weeks) and possibly the cost of travel to and from the city-centre. In addition, students living in Halls generally benefit from a more convenient location, better security, stronger WiFi and better response times to any maintenance issues.

Arriving at university

When should I arrive in Liverpool?

UPDATED: 15 July 2020

Tenancy agreements for new students moving into the accommodation sites listed on this website commence on Friday 18 September 2020. The only exceptions are for Nursing and Midwifery students and for a small number of postgraduates.

Induction week for the vast majority of courses will commence on Monday, 21 September 2020 and teaching will commence later that week, and no later than Monday 28 September. 

Detailed information about the start of the academic year will be sent to all new students soon. Please do not make detailed travel arrangements such as booking flights, ferries or trains until these arrangements have been confirmed.

Please see “Information for September 2020 arrivals” above for more details.

If you have any queries about moving into your accommodation, please contact your hall owner in the first instance.

What do I need to bring?

You will need to bring your personal bedding (sheets, pillows and pillow cases, blankets or duvet). Most shared kitchens do not contain crockery or cutlery, but it is advisable to bring the bare minimum with you at first (e.g. plate, mug, bowl, knife, fork and spoon). On arrival you will be able to decide with your new flatmates what items are required and then purchase them communally.

Data Privacy and Confidentiality Statement

Student Advice and Wellbeing Services provide confidential information, advice and support to students at the University. We want all students who chose to share information with us to be secure in the knowledge that any information disclosed will be handled in a respectful, appropriate and legally compliant manner.

Read the Data Privacy and Confidentiality Statement