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Students on healthcare courses can experience difficulties when sharing flats with students on non-health courses because of their differing timetable, workloads and shift patterns. We want your accommodation to be the perfect place for you to live and rest to enable you to concentrate on your studies to the best of your ability. Therefore we recommend that new healthcare students live in Marybone 3 or in Liberty Atlantic Point (Paramedic students only).

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This recommendation to live in Marybone 3 applies to new students on all branches of Nursing (Adult, Child and Mental Health) plus Midwifery. The main advantages to living in Marybone 3 are as follows:

  • All bedrooms have en-suite bathrooms and small double beds and were fully refurbished in summer 2016
  • The bedrooms are priced at £117.50 per week in 2018/19 which make them the cheapest en-suite bedrooms available to new LJMU students
  • It is the closest accommodation to the Tithebarn Street Building and the adjacent Library
  • You will only share your flat with students on similar courses
  • You can extend your tenancy and stay on past the normal end of the tenancy period if you need to*

*New LJMU students are given a standard 42 week tenancy as a default. However it is possible to switch to the 50 week tenancy at the lower weekly rate at any point until the end of February in the first year. If this happens the rent will be adjusted so that students pay the 50 week rate for their entire tenancy period.

There are also a limited number of flats available in Marybone 1 for healthcare students. These typically have six bedrooms and two bathrooms each, which is reflected in a weekly rent of £94.00 per week in 2018/19.

These flats are reserved for healthcare students only but because the vast majority of Marybone 1 residents are not studying on healthcare courses, it is possible that residents of these flats will experience more noise problems than those living in Marybone 3.

There is no parking at Marybone and therefore Paramedic students who need to bring their car to LJMU can opt to live in a dedicated healthcare flat in Liberty Atlantic Point instead. 

Please note that although students are free to choose where to live, no guarantee can be made about sharing a flat with students on similar courses at any other location. Furthermore it will not be possible to move into Marybone 3 after the start of the academic year, should any problems emerge in any other accommodation.

Accommodation for the Spring 2018 Nursing cohort

Students joining LJMU as part of the Spring 2018 Nursing cohort will be able to request accommodation via this website from Monday 13 November 2017 onwards. Rooms will be available at Liberty Gardens and at Byrom Point on a 52 week tenancy, priced at £105/£109 for Liberty Gardens and £115/£128 for Byrom Point.

The final day that requests will be accepted for the Spring 2018 cohort is Friday 15 December 2017 and the allocation of rooms will be completed by the middle of January 2018. The rooms will be available for students at least one week before the start of teaching in 2018.

If you have any queries regarding accommodation for healthcare courses, please contact the LJMU Accommodation Office on +44 (0)151 231 4166 /