Strength and Conditioning

What is Strength and Conditioning?

The purpose of Strength and Conditioning is to develop athletes physically to prepare them for the intense demands of their sport. Strength and Conditioning is not only focused on performance, but also aims to manage and reduce the injury risk of athletes to ensure availability for their given sport.

Strength and Conditioning: service and benefits to LJMU athletes

At LJMU, we pride ourselves on delivering one of the best University Strength and Conditioning services in the country. Our team of accredited Strength and Conditioning coaches support all student athletes to develop them physically using state-of-the-art facilities and technology. We deliver a fully comprehensive testing battery specific to the sport and athlete, so we can provide all students with personalised and individual programming to maximise sporting performance.

Our Strength and Conditioning service includes:

  • Accredited Strength and Conditioning coach delivery and supervision of individualised programming
  • Comprehensive testing battery using the latest equipment to measure:
    • Body Composition
    • Maximal Strength
    • Dynamic Power
    • Ballistic and Reactive Strength
    • Sprint and Agility
    • Maximal Aerobic endurance (VO2 Max)
    • Lactate Threshold
    • Substrate Utilisation

We strive at LJMU to ensure each of our athletes has access to the best services and coaching to enable them to perform at their highest level.

For more information about Strength and Conditioning services, please contact Conor Heeney –

Meet the Team

Conor Heeney
Performance Sport Coordinator / Head of Strength and Conditioning

Joel Kearney
Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach