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Free legal advice

Our clinics provide free legal advice to individuals and businesses, either verbally or in writing after an interview with you. Sometimes students lead interviews. Other times they “shadow” a solicitor giving advice (just as student doctors or nurses shadow their qualified colleagues in hospitals). Whatever form of clinic you choose, our students are always supervised and supported by qualified solicitors and your privacy is always respected. We operate from specially-dedicated, confidential premises separate from the rest of the University.

We can advise on the following areas:
  • Family: issues around divorce, separation, contact with children 
  • Civil litigation: disputes over contract breaches, money owed to you, professional negligence
  • Employment: discrimination, harassment, bullying in the workplace, unfair dismissal
  • Wills and administration: what to do if someone dies without a will, disagreements about property someone has left after  their death
  • Housing: problems with something your landlord has or has not done
  • Military: claims in relation to injuries suffered while on active duty
Services for Musicians

Our experience is that musicians struggle to access legal advice at the outset of their careers which can lead to serious issues regarding rights and revenue in the future. The balance of legal power is not often in favour of the musician who is normally unrepresented. If you are a musician in need of some legal advice, please do get in touch to see if we can assist with your query.

Areas of law we cover are:

  • Dispute resolution advice
  • Intellectual property advice
  • Copyright advice
  • Debt recovery/collection advice
  • GDPR/data protection advice
  • Advice in relation to contracts
Services for Start Ups, Social Enterprises, Charities and the Independent Economy

Our commercial legal advice clinics aim to assist those organisations would otherwise struggle to access commercial legal advice. Please do get in touch to see if we can assist with your query.

Areas of law we cover are:

  • Dispute Resolution Advice
  • Debt recovery/collection Advice
  • GDPR/Data Protection Advice
  • Intellectual Property Advice
  • Commercial Contracts/Terms and Conditions Advice
  • Shareholder Agreements Advice

If your problem looks like one of these get in touch with us.

If none of these look like your problem or you are not sure, no problem! If we can’t help, we might know someone else who can – drop us a line to

Advice for student or staff members at LJMU

Anyone in our LJMU community is welcome to ask us for help, in total confidence. However, please note that if you are in dispute with a person(s) who is/are a staff member or student of our University, or with LJMU as an institution (e.g. you an employment/disciplinary issue), we will not be able to give you advice since this would give rise to a conflict of interest. 

Students should be aware that the Student Advice and Wellbeing team might also be able to offer you support if a problem you are dealing with is causing you stress or anxiety. Find out more about student advice and wellbeing.