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Legal information or policy research

I need some legal information or policy research

Maybe you are a community group or support group wanting easy-to-understand information about your rights in relation to a particular legal issue, or some training. Or perhaps you are a law firm, charity or third sector organisation who could do with some extra pairs of hands to investigate a case, carry out some research or analyse documents. 

Our clinic has helped out on a wide range of projects, from inquests relating to terrorist attacks, to research for authors on historical legal issues. Our students have the research, analysis and presentation skills to help, supported by our in-house clinic staff and the Centre for the Study of the Law in Theory and Practice.  For an example of our students' work, you can read the international report on the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on human rights in the UK.

Contact us in confidence to explore your idea and see what we might be able to create together.