About our students

How do our students contribute

From September 2020, every LJMU LLB Law student can work in the LAC through every stage of their degree if they choose our innovative undergraduate modules. This experience allows students to develop their skills in interviewing, researching, drafting, writing and oral presentation, as well as other transferable employability skills like teamworking, commercial awareness, project management and self-efficacy - not to mention confidence!

The rules about qualifying as a solicitor are changing: anyone starting their law studies after 2021 will need to not only pass the two Solicitors Qualifying Exams but also have two years of Qualifying Work Experience. The time students spend in our clinics may be counted as part of this two years by future employers potentially leading to a swifter route for qualification.

Our national and international clinics examining alleged miscarriages of justice and civil liberties gives students the chance to further develop their analysis and writing skills as well as their digital working abilities.

We are also constantly developing new projects – this year we have introduced

  • A Community Economic Development clinic, aimed at start ups, entrepreneurs, and musicians, to provide commercial and contracts advice.
  • An Exceptional Case Funding clinic, allowing students to participate in cutting-edge research whilst using novel human rights arguments to try to obtain Legal Aid funding for the most vulnerable in our society.

Our multi-talented students also form a Language Bank so those with language skills can support clients for whom English is not their first language.