Environmental Monitoring and Control

The Environmental Monitoring and Control research theme is focused on addressing global challenges and sustainable development goals related to quality monitoring systems for sustainable agriculture, novel technologies for good health and well-being monitoring, sustainable management, and quality monitoring of water resources. The primary focus of the theme is the development of solutions to existing challenges, climate change and reduction of carbon footprint by novel tools, bespoke sensors, and environmental modelling.

The group is specialising in:

  • Theoretical simulation of bespoke sensors.
  • In-line Microwave Sensor applications.
  • Microwave processing and pre-processing of materials.
  • Structural Health Monitoring using sensor fusion.
  • Water quality monitoring.
  • Climate Change, Low Carbon Buildings, Flood Management, and Environmental Modelling.
  • Sustainability in Hydraulic Structures and Micro-hydropower Development.
  • Optimization of Offshore Wind Turbines.