Holistic Built Environment

The Holistic Built Environment research theme is focused on sustainability related research problem including legal, social, economic, engineering, and management related aspects of Built Environment using novel approaches like digitalisation, Digital Twin, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality and offsite manufacturing techniques.

The group is specialising in:

  • Affordable and Healthy Housing, Housing Preferences and Ageing Society.
  • Urban Regeneration and Sustainable Communities.
  • Land Management and Consolidation.
  • Real Estate Markets, Investment, Public Value Capture (PVC) and Valuation.
  • Housing- technologies, social impacts, modularisation.
  • Retrofitting systems to residential, commercial, and listed buildings.
  • Inherent adaptability through Modern Methods of Construction (MMC).
  • Construction process improvement (specific interests: Lean Construction, Process Maturity).
  • Building energy simulation and optimisation.
  • Smart buildings, districts, and cities.
  • Artificial Intelligence in Built Environment.
  • Digital construction design and process simulation.
  • 4DBIM applications for building and Infrastructure projects.
  • Supply chain management and contract procurement.
  • Health and Safety risk management on production sites.
  • Prediction of project determinants (i.e. cost and duration) at the early phases of developments.
  • Immersive virtual environments in Construction.