Microbial Natural Products

Section Lead: Dr Ismini Nakouti

Email: I.Nakouti@ljmu.ac.uk

This section focuses on:

  • The discovery and production of antibiotics and other bioactive molecules from microbial sources, and assessment of antimicrobial mechanism of actions
  • Scale down technology based on smart sensor technology
  • High-throughput scale down fermentations using novel fluorescent methodology allowing for 96 separate cultures to be conducted in parallel
  • Highly controlled fermenter systems at lab scale to develop scalable bioprocesses
  • Microbial diagnostics and strain characterisation

In 2020 we procured a Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) grant “funding for innovative technology to recycle waste aircraft oils and lubricants – saving the Armed Forces money in waste charges whilst delivering environmentally-friendly by-products in the process”.