Phytochemistry and Phytotherapy

Section Lead: Dr Jose Prieto-Garcia


This section focuses on all aspects of phytochemical and phytotherapy research, as well as some modernised aspects of pharmacognosy. We hold expertise in leading to ‘hit’ or ‘lead’ discovery, which includes procurement of raw natural products (plants, endophytic fungi, etc.), their extraction, dereplication, the isolation of active metabolites, structure elucidation, and the assessment of their bioactivities. It also incorporates the application of advanced computational approaches to link phytochemistry with bioactivities (artificial intelligence, multivariate analyses, docking, etc.).

Phytochemistry underpins modern evidence-based phytotherapy, nutrition and cosmetology. We are therefore capable of developing high-value standardised or quantified extracts for applications across the health and wellness sectors. Through consultancy we have helped international companies to create innovative products currently sold in the USA and Europe.