LOOM's projects

Find out more about the projects LOOM has conducted.

LOOM conducts a variety of projects. Here's a list of recently completed projects:

 Recently completed international visiting projects

 (2012) Prof. Lei Huang, from Qingdao Ocean Shipping Mariners College, "Navigational Meteorology and Oceanography" (Hosting academic: Wall)
 (2012) Dr. Yongtao Xi, from Shanghai Maritime University, "Human error analysis in ship operations" (Hosting academics: Yang, Wang)
 (2011) Dr. Kadir Cicek, from Tech. Univ of Istabul, "A decision-making approach in ship fleet management" (Hosting academic: Ren)
 (2010), Mr. J. Yin, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, "Shipping management and security studies" (Hosting academics: Wang, Yang, Bonsall)
 (2008), Dr. M. Celik from Tech. Univ of Istabul, "Risk-based decision making" (Hosting academics: Wang, Yang, Bonsall)
 (2005-2006), Prof. X. Xie from Dalian Maritime Univ, "Decision making under uncertainties" (Hosting academics: Wang, Bonsall)
 (2003-2004), Prof. M. Huang, "Formal safety assessment of in-landing shipping" (Hosting academics: Wang, Bonsall)
 (2003), Prof. Q. Fang from Shanghai Maritime Univ, "FSA and its application to simulation based training" (Hosting academics: Wang, Wall, Bonsall)
 (1999-2000), Y. Liu from Dalian Navy College, "Human error study in navigation" (Hosting academics: Wall, Wang)

 Other recently completed research projects

 (2003), “An investigation of the latest development in marine and offshore safety assessment”, conducted at the University of California, Berkeley and sponsored by the UK EPSRC (Investigator: Wang)
 (2002-2008), “Saferelnet: safety and reliability thematic network”, funded by the EU. EU network project (Investigator: Wang)