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  • Journal article

    Shipping accident analysis in restricted waters: Lesson from the Suez Canal blockage in 2021

    Fan S, Yang Z and Wang J and Marsland J

    Publish date: 15/12/2022

  • Journal article

    An industry-level analysis of the post-Brexit and post-Covid 19 Ro-Ro ferry market and critical maritime freight transport links between the UK and the EU

    Paraskevadakis D and Ifeoluwa A

    Publish date: 09/12/2022

  • Journal article

    Facilitating adoption of virtual communities through emotional connection in the global logistics industry

    Lin C-C and Yang Z and Chang C-H

    Publish date: 06/12/2022

  • Journal article

    Safety and security co-analysis in transport systems: Current state and regulatory development

    Fan S and Yang Z

    Publish date: 01/12/2022

  • Journal article

    Data-Driven Damage Quantification of Floating Offshore Wind Turbine Platforms Based on Multi-Scale Encoder–Decoder with Self-Attention Mechanism

    Bashir M, Xu Z and Wang J and Soares C

    Publish date: 29/11/2022

  • Journal article

    A Decision-Support System for Assessing Cross-Country Pipeline Systems: Approach Based on Evidential Reasoning and Cost–Benefit Analysis

    Hassan S, Kontovas CA and Bashir M and Wang J

    Publish date: 22/11/2022