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  • Journal article

    Preliminary development of a novel catamaran floating offshore wind turbine platform and assessment of dynamic behaviours for intermediate water depth application

    Cutler J, Bashir M, Yang Y and Wang J and Loughney S

    Publish date:21/06/2022

  • Journal article

    A new hybrid approach for determining sector-specific risk factors in Turkish Straits: Fuzzy AHP-PRAT technique

    Tonoğlu F, Atalar F, Başkan İB, Yildiz S and Uğurlu Ö and Wang J

    Publish date:01/06/2022

  • Journal article

    Cost-effectiveness of measures to reduce ship strikes: A case study on protecting the Mediterranean fin whale

    Sèbe M, Kontovas CA and Pendleton L and Gourguet S

    Publish date:01/06/2022

  • Journal article

    Dynamic analysis of 10 MW offshore wind turbines with different support structures subjected to earthquake loadings

    Yan Y, Yang Y, Bashir M and Li C and Wang J

    Publish date:18/05/2022

  • Journal article

    BN-based port state control inspection for Paris MoU: New risk factors and probability training using big data

    Liu K, Yu Q, Yang Z and Wan C and Yang Z

    Publish date:28/04/2022

  • Journal article

    Fostering innovation in the blue economy within the United Kingdom (UK): A stakeholders’ perspective

    Kontovas C, Armada Bras AM, Chang C-H, Romano A, Poo MC-P, Wang J, McCormack H, Qu Z, Paraskevadakis D and Lamb LE and Yang Z

    Publish date:26/04/2022