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LOOM offers excellent provision for its postgraduate students.

Not only does LOOM offer its postgraduate students designated research facilities, but can also offer support from supervisors with industrial experience. Currently, LOOM is accepting applicants who wish to carry out research into the design and operation of large engineering systems, such as ships, offshore installations, port terminals and logistic chain systems, as well as research on operational research, including simulation, optimisation and evolutionary computation.

To apply, please contact the FET Research and Enterprise Team FETPGRAdmissions@ljmu.ac.uk or  Liz Hoare (E.Hoare@ljmu.ac.uk).

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Recently completed PhD projects

Here is a small sample of the PhD projects LOOM’s postgraduates have recently completed:

Project and researchers
Dr Zhuohua (Joanna) Qu, “Analytical quality control in shipping operation using six sigma principles” (Jenkinson, Wang)  2015
Dr. Ahmed Babader, “Environmental impact modelling and optimisation of waste packaging” (Ren, Wang, Jones)  2015
Dr. Sascha Pristrom, "Development of a model to suppress piracy and other maritime crimes using scientific reasoning" (Wang, Yang, Wall)  2013
Dr. Andrew John, "Proactive risk assessment of maritime infrastructure systems: resilience engineering perspective", funded by LJMU & EU (Wang, Yang, Riahi)  2013
Dr. Daniel McNamara, "Monte Carlo simulation in maritime applications", funded by LJMU & EPSRC (Cunningham, Wang, Jenkinson, Allanson)  2013
Dr. Ben Matellini, "A risk-based fire and rescue management system", funded by EPSRC (Supervisors: Wang, Wall, Jenkinson)  2013

Recently completed postdoctoral research projects

Here is a small sample of the PhD projects LOOM’s postgraduates have recently completed:

Projects and researchers
Dr Trung Thanh Nguyen, "Container handling optimisation and 3D simulator of port operations" (PI and CoIs: Yang, Wang, Bonsall)  2011-2012
Dr Byron Jones, "Port cargo handling" (PI and CoIs: Yang, Wang, Bonsall) 2010 - 2011
Dr Ramin Riahi, "Container supply chain security analysis" (PI and CoIs: Wang, Jenkinson, Bonsall)  2008 - 2011