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MEMARC’s team of experts carry out pioneering research, securing innovative solutions to many industry issues. You can find out how MEMARC's research is positively impacting upon businesses and individuals throughout the world below.

Case study

The Thermal Striping Project

MEMARC has been conducting research into thermal fatigue and thermal striping since the 1980s. Learn more about the research undertaken by reading this project report.

Thermal Striping Project Report
Image of Homogeneous sinusoidal surface striping

MEMARC's portfolio

Projects MEMARC has undertaken

You can see some of MEMARC’s projects and see which researchers worked on these key pieces of work below:

  • KTP a new design method for SME's with Delta Fluid Products - G Black, D R Allanson
  • Modelling of metamaterials, cloaking and periodic structures - I S Jones, M J Nieves
  • KTP with C4 Industries - L Cassidy, K R Metcalfe, G Rothwell
  • Thermal fatigue and thermal striping - I S Jones
  • FE modelling for cancer treatment planning with NHS Clatterbridge Centre for Oncology - J Krywonos, X J Ren
  • Finite element models for the quantitative analysis of wear damage in modular hip prosthesis - A Ashkanfar, R English, G Rothwell
  • A finite element study of plantar stresses using composite foot - footwear models - M Shariatmadari, G Rothwell, R English, M Lake (Sports Science)
  • Characterising the mechanical loads during rail transportation on nuclear packages - Andy Cummings, Glynn Rothwell
  • Elastic waves and phononic band gaps in defected periodic structures - I S Jones, A B Movchan (Univ. of Liverpool)
  • Puncturing Shear in steel fibre reinforced concrete slabs - W Mohammad, G Rothwell
  • Lifetime of turbine blades - G Hennings, I S Jones, G Rothwell
  • Development of inverse analysis model to predict the mechanical properties of human skin in vivo - L Li, G Rothwell, R English, X J Ren
  • Multiphase flow - N H Woolley, D R Allanson
  • The mechanics of sport footwear and design optimisation - Y D Gu, X J Ren, M Lake (Sports Science)
  • FE based non-rigid image registration with Cancer Research UK - F Eklut, X J Ren
  • Junction conditions and wave propagation in periodic structures with resonators - I S Jones, A B Movchan (Univ. of Liverpool), M Gei (Univ. of Trento)
  • Thermoelastic problems in lattices and periodic structures - I S Jones, A B Movchan (Univ. of Liverpool), M J Nieves
  • Wave propagation in lattices and microstructures - focussing and shielding - I S Jones, A B Movchan (Univ. of Liverpool), D J Colquitt (Univ. of Liverpool)
  • Structural integrity of bridges and buildings using periodic analysis - I S Jones, A B Movchan (Univ. of Liverpool), M Brun (Univ. of Cagliari)
  • Process simulation of the micro discharge welding process and development of novel micro mineral insulated thermocouples - A Norbury, XJ Ren, G Rothwell
  • Experimental and numerical studies of fatigue of spot welded join of dissimilar steels for automotive applications - N Budiarsa, XJ Ren, G Bradley, K R Metcalfe
  • Inverse analysis of material parameters based on indentation tests on gasket materials - H Y Zhao, XJ Ren
  • Experimental and numerical investigations of the properties of plastics based on indentation bending tests - J Aw, XJ Ren, D Allanson, RB Li
  • Local linear model networks for identification and control of nonlinear processes - A Abdelhadi, J B Gomm, D L Yu
  • Advanced control of Chylla-Hasse semi-batch chemical reactor - Megdi Nabi, D.L.Yu, S.S. Douglas
  • Fault detection and isolation for wind turbine generation systems - Yusheng Liu, D.L.Yu, D. Allanson
  • Fault diagnosis and fault tolerant control for Chylla-Hasse chemical reactor - Abdelkarim Ertiame, D.L.Yu, J.B. Gomm
  • Optimization and neural network-based control for semi-batch reactors - Desmond Tok, D.L. Yu, Christian Matthews
  • Optimal control system design for glass furnace using genetic algorithm - Rajarathinam Kumaran; J.B. Gomm, D.L. Yu
  • A new local model method for nonlinear system modelling and control - Abdelhadi Ahmed SaadAhmed Saad, J.B. Gomm, D.L. Yu
  • Experimental and numerical investigation of indentation tests of layered shoe sole materials and bike pedal pin-shoe interaction - SD Li, M Lake, L Li and XJ Ren