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  • Journal article

    Properties of a new insulation material glass bubble in geo-polymer concrete

    Shahedan NF, Abdullah MMAB, Mahmed N, Kusbiantoro A, Tammas-Williams S, Li LY, Aziz IH, Vizureanu P, Wysłocki JJ and Błoch K and Nabiałek M

    Publish date:08/02/2021

  • Journal article

    Design of spark ignition engine speed control using bat algorithm

    Setiadi H, Jones KO, Nugroho TA, Abdillah M and Trilaksana H and Amrillah T

    Publish date:01/02/2021

  • Journal article

    Robust visual-inertial odometry with point and line features for blade inspection UAV

    Ma Y, Wang S and Yu D and Zhu K

    Publish date:01/02/2021

  • Journal article

    Distributed Formation Control for Multi-Vehicle Systems With Splitting and Merging Capability

    Novoth S, Zhang Q and Ji K and Yu D

    Publish date:01/01/2021

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