About the Centre

About the Centre and what we do

Research which takes a collaborative, fieldwork-based approach to evolutionary anthropology.

The Centre was founded in 2004 and is the only formally recognised research centre in the Faculty of Science. Focusing on biological anthropology in a science rather than a social science milieu engenders a strong interdisciplinary and hypothesis-testing approach to our research, which has an emphasis on fieldwork.

Recent highlights

Researchers from our centre have:

Notable collaborations

Some of our current collaborations include:

  • Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology
  • Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Program
  • Institut Congolais pour la Conservation de la Nature (DRC)
  • Historic England
  • National Crime Agency
  • University of Cambridge
  • Natural History Museum
  • Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography, University of Sao Paulo
  • University of Witwatersrand
  • University of Cape Town
  • Arizona State University
  • University of Kyoto
  • University of Calgary
  • Stony Brook University
  • Stanford University

For further information about who we work with, see the area of expertise you are interested in.