Seminar Series 2022

The Centre hosts an annual seminar series. Below are details of previous seminars. Please Contact Us if you'd like details of current seminars, all welcome.


10 January 2023

Zanna Clay, University of Durham. Evolutionary and developmental basis of hominid social cognition and behaviour.

8 November 2022

Mayowa Adeboyaga, Duke University, USA. Hips, locomotion, morphology and fossil reconstruction

4 October 2022

Takumi Tsutaya, Graduate University for Advanced Studies, Uni of Copenhagen. Recent advances of proteomics in bioarchaeology, human evolution studies, and primate ecology.


21 June 2022  

Chris Young, Nottingham Trent University. The benefits of social relationships in different primate species.

3 May 2022  

Colleen Morgan, University of York. Ethics, Avatars, and Digital Bioarchaeology in the OTHER EYES Project.

5 April 2022  

Diyendo Massilani, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology. Microstratigraphic preservation of ancient DNA in Sediment.

8 March 2022  

Lara Cassidy, Trinity College Dublin. A genomic history of Ireland: perspectives on continental transformations from Europe's western edge.

22 February 2022  

Lumila Menendez, University of Vienna. When, who and how: a historical perspective o the contribution of biological data to the peopling of the Americas.