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  • “Other” possibilities? Assessing regional and extra-regional dental affinities of populations in the Portuguese Estremadura to explore the roots of Iberia's Late Neolithic-Copper Age

    Irish JD, Lillios KT and Waterman AJ and Silva AM

    Publish date:2017

  • Adapting astronomical source detection software to help detect animals in thermal images obtained by unmanned aerial systems

    Longmore SN, Collins RP, Pfeifer S, Fox SE, Mulero-Pázmány M, Bezombes F, Goodwin A, De Juan Ovelar M and Knapen JH and Wich SA

    Publish date:2017

  • Degrees of freedom in social bonds of crested macaque females

    Duboscq J, Neumann C, Agil M, Perwitasari-Farajallah D and Thierry B and Engelhardt A

    Publish date:2017

  • Denial of long-term issues with agriculture on tropical peatlands will have devastating consequences

    Wijedasa LS, Jauhiainen J, Könönen M, Lampela M, Vasander H, Leblanc MC, Evers S, Smith TEL, Yule CM, Varkkey H, Lupascu M, Parish F, Singleton I, Clements GR, Aziz SA, Harrison ME, Cheyne S, Anshari GZ, Meijaard E, Goldstein JE, Waldron S, Hergoualc'h K, Dommain R, Frolking S, Evans CD, Posa MRC, Glaser PH, Suryadiputra N, Lubis R, Santika T, Padfield R, Kurnianto S, Hadisiswoyo P, Lim TW, Page SE, Gauci V, Van Der Meer PJ, Buckland H, Garnier F, Samuel MK, Choo LNLK, O'Reilly P, Warren M, Suksuwan S, Sumarga E, Jain A, Laurance WF, Couwenberg J, Joosten H, Vernimmen R, Hooijer A, Malins C, Cochrane MA, Perumal B, Siegert F, Peh KSH, Comeau LP, Verchot L, Harvey CF, Cobb A, Jaafar Z, Wösten H, Manuri S, Müller M, Giesen W, Phelps J, Yong DL, Silvius M and Wedeux BMM and Hoyt A

    Publish date:2017

  • Ebola in great apes – current knowledge, possibilities for vaccination, and implications for conservation and human health

    Leendertz SAJ, Wich SA, Ancrenaz M, Bergl RA, Gonder MK and Humle T and Leendertz FH

    Publish date:2017

  • Evolutionary ecomorphology of the Falkland Islands wolf Dusicyon australis

    Meloro C, Hunter J, Tomsett L, Portela Miguez R and Prevosti FJ and Brown RP

    Publish date:2017