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  • “Other” possibilities? Assessing regional and extra-regional dental affinities of populations in the Portuguese Estremadura to explore the roots of Iberia's Late Neolithic-Copper Age

    Irish JD, Lillios KT and Waterman AJ and Silva AM

    Publish date:2017

  • A protocol for training group-housed rhesus macaques (Macaca mulatta) to cooperate with husbandry and research procedures using positive reinforcement

    Kemp C, Thatcher H, Farningham D, Witham C, MacLarnon A, Holmes A and Semple S and Bethell EJ

    Publish date:2017

  • A Statistical Method for Reassociating Human Tali and Calcanei from a Commingled Context

    Anastopoulou I, Karakostis FA and Borrini M and Moraitis K

    Publish date:2017

  • Adapting astronomical source detection software to help detect animals in thermal images obtained by unmanned aerial systems

    Longmore SN, Collins RP, Pfeifer S, Fox SE, Mulero-Pazmany M, Bezombes F, Goodwin A, Ovelar MDJ and Knapen JH and Wich SA

    Publish date:2017

  • An 8.5 m long ammonite drag mark from the Upper Jurassic Solnhofen Lithographic Limestones, Germany

    Lomax DR, Falkingham PL and Schweigert G and Jiménez AP

    Publish date:2017

  • Anyone with a Long-Face? Craniofacial Evolutionary Allometry (CREA) in a Family of Short-Faced Mammals, the Felidae

    Tamagnini D and Meloro C and Cardini A

    Publish date:2017