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In addition to the publications listed below, here are some of our most recent publications:

Menozzi: World Literature, Non-Synchronism, and the Politics of Time published by Palgrave

Remaking the Voyage: New Essays on Malcolm Lowry and In Ballast to the White Sea edited by Helen Tookey and Bryan Biggs, Liverpool University Press (in addition to the hardback and paperback editions the book has been supported by LJMU library to be available as an Open Access edition)

Norquay: Robert Louis Stevenson, Literary Networks and Transatlantic Publishing in the 1890s investigates the operations of transatlantic literary networks during a period of key changes in transatlantic publishing through a series of critical case studies

Moran: First You Write a Sentence: A Primer for Writing, Reading and Life, published Viking Penguin

Walchester: Edited Collection: Keywords for Travel Writing Studies, co-edited with Charles Forsdick and Zoe Kinsley (Anthem Press)

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  • Book

    [Monograph] The Victorian Widow: A Literary & Cultural History

    Muller N

    Publish date:01/11/2021

  • Journal article

    A Virtual Island Journey: Place and Place Writing in Lockdown

    Moran J

    Publish date:30/09/2021

  • Journal article

    Ernst Bloch and the Subject of Orientalism

    Menozzi F

    Publish date:27/08/2021

  • Journal article

    To the Anxious Humanities Scholar

    Moran J

    Publish date:27/07/2021

  • Internet publication

    'We are born hungry for faces', The Observer

    Moran J

    Publish date:06/06/2021

  • Book

    Andrea Levy: Contemporary World Writers

    Perfect M

    Publish date:01/01/2021