Research Institute for Literature and Cultural History staff

Meet the researchers working within the Institute

We are a highly research-active community with a wide range of expertise within Literature and Cultural History.

Our advisory board 

Bryan Biggs, Artistic Director, Bluecoat, Liverpool

Professor Kate Chedgzoy, Newcastle University

Professor Fan Dai, Director of the Center for Creative Writing in the School of Foreign Languages at Sun Yat-sen University

Professor Elspeth Graham, Professor Emeritus, LJMU

Chris Gribble, Chief Executive of National Centre for Writing, Norwich

Professor Claire Langhamer, University of Sussex

Dr Diana Leighton, Head of Research Excellence and Research Strategy, LJMU

Professor Philip Martin, Professor Emeritus, Sheffield Hallam University

Dr Derek Neale, The Open University

Professor Andrew Newsam, Astrophysics Research Institute, LJMU

Professor Glenda Norquay, Professor Emeritus, LJMU

Professor Margaret Stetz, University of Delaware

Visiting Lecturers

Bella Adams
Ross Dawson
Alice Ferrebe
Jo Price
Helen Rogers

Our PhD students

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Recent PhD graduates

Recent PhD graduates

Joseph Thorne

Sam Saunders