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Our Criminology programme at LJMU aims to produce critically minded and employable graduates, who are able to make a significant contribution to their chosen profession on completion of their studies. The programme places great importance on supporting our students to develop their understanding of the relationship between theory, research policy and practice. This, along with the bespoke work our students undertake will develop their graduate skills and prepare them for their future careers - as well as ensuring they develop a range of transferable skills too.

Criminology career prospects

The choice of careers open to criminology graduates is diverse and exciting.

Possible roles can include anything from policy and administration posts, to government advice, working with children and young people, social and community work, policing, prison and probation services, or investigating miscarriages of justice.

Over 93% of LJMU students are in work or further study six months after they graduate, with 66% securing professional and managerial jobs.

The Destination of Leavers from Higher Education (DLHE) data demonstrates that in 2015, 92% BA (Hons) Criminology graduates from LJMU (full time/first degree, UK) had attained work or moved onto further study and/or training.

Examples of roles our most recent graduates have secured include: 

  • Forensic Analyst – Deloitte
  • Victim Support Officer – Victim Support
  • Housing Officer – Northern Ireland Housing Sector
  • Administrator – North Wales Police

Criminal Justice

Earning a degree in Criminal Justice can help you get hired for many different job opportunities within this field. While police officers make up a large portion of the professionals working in law enforcement, there are many more career options that you may want to consider – from government work, to becoming a computer forensic specialist.

With a wide range of roles available, you can find a job that is a good fit for your unique interests, skills, talents, and salary expectations.

Over 93% of LJMU students are in work or further study six months after they graduate, with 66% securing professional and managerial jobs.

Policing Studies

At the Liverpool Centre for Advanced Policing Studies, we offer a range of academic programmes that will prepare you for a role within policing and/or law enforcement.

Our Policing Studies programme has a clear focus on the policing environment, with a blend of theory and practical based learning. Equally, our joint honours programmes: Policing with Forensics, Policing with Forensic Psychology and Policing with Cybercrime, also provide a great learning experience, which prepare students for roles within the policing and law enforcement sector.

The programme team place great importance on supporting students through their studies and providing the right advice and guidance to help students prepare for their future careers. This is demonstrated in our most recent feedback, which suggested that students graduating from the Liverpool Centre for Advanced Policing Studies believed they had received sufficient advice and guidance on their course (91%) and they had received good advice regarding study choices (91%).

Our programmes open opportunities for students in a variety of sectors within the policing, law enforcement and criminal justice sectors. Examples of roles our most recent graduates have secured include: police officer around the UK, analyst within the National Crime Agency, call handling for the Emergency Services and the Prison Service.